February Race Schedule Up

I’ve posted it, and it

should appear on the race schedule page. :slight_smile:

YAY! Just a quick Q, will

there be more SC races this year? Or will you not be rehauling the poor schedule yet AGAIN?

We won’t hate you if that’s the case. :wink:

Ooo! Ninja! :ph34r: Watch me ninj!

stops making references to webcomics, which completely displays her dorkiness

SC races will likely

continue to be fairly rare. Once we swap from Australia to Europe there’ll be more SC races

for about 3 months, but in general, the schedule will be mostly dirt/turf, as that is where

the majority of the racers are running.

Heheh…whatch me end up

with a barn full of jumpers, Shanthi. Watch me, now!

I have a barn full of

SCers… but while it’d be nice to make more SC races for them, SC racers are fairly rare

IRL and so we’re attempting to discourage people just randomly swapping them for a slim hope

that over fences they’ll be stakes winners… Though granted, that’s what I used to do…


Yeah, it’s tempting to put

in millions of SC races since jumping is fun…but generally, horses that are good at jumping

are also decent at turf (or at least, likely to be more decent at turf than at dirt), so

there are other options. :slight_smile:

I’m so excited!


Lindz, you make sure my horses run in those Aussie GI’s! :smiley: LOL! This year rules,

I’m liking the improvements to the schedule.

Hey Shanthi, when you say 'swap from

aussie’ is that because there isn’t much racing for a little while or are we doing 1/2 a

year only is aus?

Australia is in the schedule

for every month but summer, when we switch to England/Ireland for a bit.

Okay sweet. So we do Royal

Ascot or something? Man, this is wicked.

We’ll have the

English/Irish Triple Crown/Tiara races, as well as both Grand Nationals. And other assorted

races, obviously.

Fun fun fun!