Feature: Choosing Your Language

This doesn’t do anything too exciting yet, as there’s not much to see in the beta, but you can choose your language.

  • If you are not logged in, you will see “Bay is a colo(u)r.” on the home page. (Spelling dependent on which language you’re on)
  • Default language is US English
  • If you are logged in, you won’t get to the home screen that says “Bay is a colo(u)r”, but you will see the proper language selected in the dropdown.
  • If you change language before logging in, it should save the language selection to a cookie and then copy the value into your account when you log in.
  • If you log in, change language, and logout, it should save the language selection to a cookie so that your language persists.
  • (All of that should mean that your language selection works even when you switch computers/browsers, provided you log in at some point)
  • Language selection will affect spelling/phrasing, as well as formatting (dates/times/etc). Currency will stay $ for the whole game (at least for now - even if that is customisable it would only change the display, I’m not going to build a whole currency exchange system :grin: )

Home page, with default language (US English)

Changing to another locale (British English)

Changing back to US English