Feature: All Horses / Search

All of the horses should now be in the beta app! (Of course, now that I’ve typed that, it occurs to me that we’ll keep adding horses via breeding, so I should probably hook this up to run all the time :laughing: )

If you select “Horses” in the menu (not “My Horses”, which isn’t hooked up yet), you will see the list of horses. You can search/filter by name, age(s), sire, dam, owner, and breeder. On a computer you will see the results broken out by status (showing the counts of each status), on a tablet/phone you will just be able to select status as a search value. On a computer search will happen automatically as you enter data in the fields, on a tablet/phone you may need to click the “search” button.

You can sort the results by the columns (with the arrow showing which direction is being sorted, ascending or descending).

You can click through to a horse’s page but all it shows is their name and status, so that’s not too exciting yet. :slight_smile:


menu item
Opera Snapshot_2022-08-17_214418_prod.finalfurlong.org

tablet/phone view
Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 21.43.24

tablet/phone search

desktop view


I only get “You are not authorized to perform this action.”…

:see_no_evil: It should be fixed now - I need to tweak the default permission system that says “admin can do anything, no one else can do anything” so that I’m at least aware if I haven’t set the permissions correctly. :laughing:

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Cool, now I see them!