Favorite Sires ...

Just out of curiosity and to help familiarize myself with some of the more famous (or not) studs on the game; who is everyone?s favorite stallions to breed to and why?

Right now I’m a huge fan of Highland Rogue sons and so far What’s It Worth(who is himself a very hot ticket) sons seems to be doing pretty well too. I’m also into Irish River a lot right now, Bold Ruler, Planet Hollywood, Gimme A Shot, Jazz It Up, Secretary, Starz ‘n’ Stripes, Danzig and No Duplicate.

My own studs I’m pretty proud of as well…all three of them have just been so…GOOD!

Any of Shanthi’s! :wink: Why? Cos they’re the best!

I’ll elaborate more tomorrow for you. It’s late… :stuck_out_tongue:

My current favorite stallions are Jazz it up, AP Indy, Irish River, Magic Cross, High on love (can you see a pattern-I love my boys) and everyone elses stallions in the game. They are all beautiful

Highland Laird. Hands down. There will be a Laird army. Mark my words.

i think Seabiscuit,Affirmed and Cigar as thaose are the sires of my best horses…

Well I’ve always been a fan of Planet Hollywood as my farm’s favorite mare and first stakes winner is by him (Shesanaturalactor) … as of recently, Hope To Succeed has done very well for me… Both seem to do well at producing stakes horses out of dominant female families…and of course my own stallion, No Duplicate. He’s really blossomed this year… and appears to be a good improvement sire… Highland Rogue seems to be a good sire of sires, so most of his sons have great success, and I even went out and bought one to add to my barn…:-D… And of course, not to toot my own horn, but I’ve become very interested in stallions with Secretariat blood (which seems to ironically reflect successful stallions in real life when Secretariat appears as the broodmare sire)… and I love Secretariat to pieces…:slight_smile: So stallions like Secretary, Secret Of Love and I’m anxiously awaiting babies from Best Kept Secret…:smiley: