Erm, is this a bug?

My horse Three Fires has F energy, but I haven’t raced her since February the 28th. I haven’t worked her since March 24th, either. But now it’s April 30th, and I was just wondering if I was being impatient, or if something was actually wrong.

I too have 3 horses that have F Energy , yet they haven’t been worked out or raced in over 10 days each?

The first thing I would want to know is how much the horses have been worked previously. You have to realize that there is a margin of error built into the energy and fitness ratings. If you are doing automated training, and not checking you may be wearing the horses out. Being at F for a week is not totally unusual. I had it happen a few times usually after races. I do not set up an automatic training schedule so I’ve never seen an F rating while I’m strictly training a horse.

Three Fires was shipped a LOT (even if it is just to the local track and back, it still takes something out of them each time).  And raced twice in a week.  That probably put her energy way negative (energy can go below 0), and with the continued workouts, she never had a chance to regain the energy.  Now she’s (slowly) regaining it, but it’s going to take a while.

I’d ship her back to the farm (she’ll regain energy slightly faster there).  Wait until her energy rating’s at A/B level and then send her back to the track to get fit again.

Oh…okay, thank you. I didn’t think it would take energy, but I should have asked or read more closely before I started shipping. Thank you [again] and next time I’ll try to make sure I know what I’m doing before I start to click buttons.  :-[  ::)

Yeah, I glanced at her in the database, and it would’ve taken you 7 months of rest at the farm to get her energy back to normal levels.  (I was nice and boosted her energy level a bit, though it’s still really bad.)

So yeah…word to the wise: don’t overwork your horses (and especially don’t race them twice in one week!!!)

I have had same problem with Highland continental who has been at F energy since 21st march and has shown no variation around that figure. he has had 2 very minor workouts since then to see if any jockey comments would be forthcoming but no luck. This is the horse that has a doppleganger in my taxes page (highland continent) and who gets all the credit for any earnings so i don’t know if he’s stealing Continentals energy away!

;D THANK YOU Shanthi! ;D

I’ll be sure to never do that again!

This is quite normal, since horses can take anywhere from 5-25 days to recover. One of my horses has a slow recovery rate too, and all you have to do is just be patient. And make sure that you don’t do any shipping/training/racing when horses are at F energy, so that they’ll recover faster.  :wink:

Note: Horses can take 5-25 days to recover 100 percentage points of energy (i.e. go from 0% energy to 100%).  If your horse is stuck at -75% energy, it will obviously take longer to get to 100% again.

Curious question:
Will a horse ever run itself into negative energy for a race, or do they just stop at zero as having given all their energy?  I’m assuming the latter…that you can only dip into negative energy by forcing a horse to work when they’re already at zero or by shipping them then.  How does it work?

No, horses can go negative through racing…it’s the whole “giving 110% effort” sort of thing.  The horse will, of course, slow down once it reaches 0% energy but if the race is 10f and it gets to 0 energy at 9f, it’s not just going to stop running and not finish the race.

Ah, gotcha.
Thanks for explaining.  :slight_smile:  That explains why the “F” level of energy seems to last longer than all other levels after a race.

My filly Derby Appeal raced on 3/10/11 and hasn’t been worked since then, but her energy is still an F as well and hasn’t flucuated at all.

Derby Appeal

OK, how many times do I have to say it?  Horses ONLY lose energy by:

  • Racing
  • Training
  • Shipping

If your horse has been at F energy for weeks, it’s because it basically tanked energy-wise and needs a long layoff to recover.

It is NOT a bug to have low energy for a long time.