Entry Problem

    I am unable to enter my horse More Than Victory(4617) into Race 26 Gulfstream 12.5 furlongs Starter Allowance for 4yo+ (Dirt) for the 16th. He has run in a claimer and was supposed to be auto-entered. He was not auto entered and I can not enter him manually.



Horses can only run in a starter within a year of their last run as a claimer.  That is to say, your horse last ran in a claimer 1/10/2011.  He could run in a starter between 1/11/2011-1/9/2012.  The race you wish to enter is beyond this end date (1/16 vs. 1/9).  You probably auto-entered prior to 1/9/2012, and so it allowed you to “enter” him as it didn’t check to see if he’d still be eligible when the race was run (which is probably a bug that should be tweaked). 

The only way to make him eligible for a starter race would be to run him again in a claimer.  A quick way to check to see if a horse is still eligible for starter races would be to look at your training summary page.  It should say (starter) next to whatever race level (maiden, NW1, NW2, etc.) he’s allowed to run in.  If there’s no “starter” in parenthesis, you’ll know he’s no longer eligible to run in starters.

Hope this helps.

Yep you are right. Thanks for the info!

have another problem…not sure what happened…I entered my girl in a race today and she was removed I think and I was not given her fee back…her race history says unraced and unentered… ???