Energy ???

Umm, I have a question about the energy on my training summary page. I’ve been giving Spanish Rose a rest since her last race, on Mon. her energy was an ‘A’. I entered her in a race and her energy dropped to a ‘B’. I didn’t think that was weird because she was entered in a race, i thought that when you enter a race its dropps their energy. But then when I checked my training summary again (the same day), it said her energy was an ‘A’. Then I checked it again today and it’s down to a ‘C’. Is the energy suppose to randomly drop and rise like that?


ps - sorry if this doesn’t make sense or if I have any mistakes, I’ve just come back from a long, hard day of classes


From what I’ve read and seen, the energy rating will change if you refresh the training summary page. I try to look at it only once a day, as I’ve read in other posts not too refresh it too many times a day. Also, there is a built in margin of error, so I assume that those changes are also part of that (not sure if this is correct but this is how i look at it) :slight_smile:. Hope this made sense to ya, lol, and helped you out a little.

As it says on the Training Summary page, there is a built-in margin of error. If you refresh the page over and over (which is not recommended, since there’s no point and it wastes bandwidth), you’ll get different results each time.

And, of course, horses lose energy when racing (only racing, a horse doesn’t care about being entered in a race), and gain energy when not racing.

Ok, thanks alot . . lol, I’ll have to remind myself to only check it once a day.

In regard to the training summary page, it seems that the message stating there is a margin of error has gone away. Also, the letter ratings and the red injury dates for recent injuries have gone back to the old way. Just thought I’d let you guys know. :slight_smile:

thanks again

Guess that reverted to an older version…it’s fixed now.