Edgewood Stud Sale

Unfortunatly, Edgewood Stud has fallen upon hard times and are forced to sell some quality weanling colts/fillies. They will not be able to ship to their new homes until they are old enough. They are of quality stock and would not be for sale unless I had to pay my taxes. However that is not to be and the sale price is final.

Galaxy Seven (Ch. Magic Cross x GCH. Dream Skipper)-SOLD Congrads to Cascade Stables
Dappled Grey 12.0 hand Breeders Cup Nominated
Related to : Queen, Monopoly,Asia, Tap Dance,Street Skipper, Skip it, Gone North
This colt with be just as grand.
Asking: $150,000

Tear Jerker (GCH. High On Love x GCH. A.P. Valentino)-SOLD Congrads to Windwards Farm
Bay 14.2 Hands Breeders Cup Nominated
Related to : Worthy Valentine
Asking :$150,000

Egyptian Jazz (GCH. Jazz it up x Egyptian Queen)Yearling Filly-SOLD to Black Diamond Estates
Chestnut 13.3 hand ** Breeders Cup Nominated **
Related to : Nefertiti,Akhetnaten,Anubis,Exodus,Pharaoh’s Finest,Secret of Ages,Egyptian Queen,Going Nowhere,Kempinski
-Egyptian Pharaoh is getting older and older each year. This could be your last chance to get an Egyptain Pharaoh Foal not to mention add one to your breeding program. She is also priced high for that reason. If I were not going bankrupt she would not be for sale.

Unfortunately, I’m not in the market for any new babies as earnings for me, too, are not what they used to be.  I’m sorry to hear how things are and wish you the best of luck with taxes and finding homes for your boys.

Man, I’m sorry you have to sell some of your nicest Brianna but I know what you mean. Still, I really can’t turn down a Dream Skipper foal, I’ll take Galaxy Seven please. Thanks for the opportunity to have him-he’ll have a good home.

Sorry to hear that you have to sell to pay taxes, but I’d love to stable Tear Jerker right next to Worthy Valentine. Good Luck I hope things turn around for you.

I’m sorry to hear about your financial problems.  To help you out a bit I’ll take Egyptian Jazz.

If I weren’t in the same boat I’d definitely take one of those guys off you :frowning:

Thought I might be able to take one as well till I checked what I’m going to have left after taxes and shipping - not a lot to be honest  :frowning:
I hope you can find some buyers for them, if a stable like yours is having financial problems it is a worrying sign for those of us who are less established