Edea & Jei's Halloween Auction (an Idea)

This is not set in stone yet but Edea, and I have been tossing around this Idea. I would like to see it become an Annual thing starting this year.

So far there are 4 horses planned so far to enter the sale, and we have some that we are still debating on. Without joining our forces we would not be able to have this auction so I would like to extend an invitation to other stables. (if this is allowed)

Because other stables cannot cosign to anothers auction this would be an Honor System baised cosignment. It’s a sketchy idea still though. First if you have a horse you would like to cosign PM me with the name, and it’s link. I will then PM you back most likely saying “Ok, you horse is approved.” You then place the horse for private sale to me. Not sure how this will work out yet, but in order for the horse to be in the auction I need to have it.

Again thats just an idea, but in any case keep a lookout on the sales page.

There’s a reason private auctions are setup to only feature one stable’s horses.