Drop-down menus for breeding dates: Question/Issue

I’m trying to arrange a breeding for my mare, Hellish Pleasure, to Twin Oaks, for the first half of May. He appears available for that slot but when I go to pick the actual day of the breeding it only shows numbers 16 to 31. I’m not sure what’s going on there. :wink: Does it really matter all that much what day I pick, as long as the mare’s locked in for the right half of the month?

Don’t quote me on it, but I don’t think the stallion is free. Purely for FYI, the only reason it asks you to pick a precise day in the month:
a) to allow for the exact one month calculation from her previous foaling (as Shanthi pointed out, we don’t breed back on a foaling heat). So if your mare foaled on the 24th, obviously you couldn’t breed her before the 24th of the next month.
b) to allow for the game to calculate an exact gesgation period so that pretty little “Due XX XX” comes up.

And I could be totally wrong, and Shanthi’ll could say that the code has cracked itself out again or something similar to a drug induced insanity…:stuck_out_tongue:

Breeding code is on crack, we’re aware of it :wink:. I wouldn’t expect an overhaul on it until we overhaul the viewhorse code though :wink: (haaahahaha… that probably won’t happen until well, we run out of any other possible options to code).

I don’t think that particular part is particularly on crack, however. Well, not the date drop down thing. I think the part where it shows which studs are available which part of the month when you pick a stud might be on crack, because I’ve had several instances of picking a stud and then finding out there wasn’t actually a breeding available then.

Not at all, but 16-31 counts as May 2, not May 1. :wink: But if you don’t mind a baby showing up a week or two later than you’d planned, feel free to use May 2.

And yes, as Andrea said, the code that handles bookings is on a very fine (likely very expensive, though I don’t know where the code gets money, and it really owes it to me, its creator, not to drug lords) crack. Given that it functions well enough for mares to get bred SOMEHOW, it’s fairly low on my priorities to fix. (As Andrea said, viewhorse is much more scary :wink: but mainly because it’s currently trying to handle basically anything you’d ever do to a horse, and that’s a LOT of code for one page…)

Anyway…it’s a “known bug” and will get fixed…eventually.

Okay, I’ll just work around it then. Thanks for the info. :wink: