I just got my results for race #2 for the day, in which I had Quoth the Raven entered.
I went to play-by-play results (becuase I’ve been told you can learn a lot about your horse’s tendencies that way), and it lists ‘DNF’ for the 10f mark.

I’d like to know what that means, becuase I’m not really sure how to interpret it.
My brain wants to call it “Did not finish” but that seems wrong, since the finish listing does have an entry.

It means Does Not Factor, or maybe Did Not Factor.

It looks like your little mare will be perfect at a slightly shorter distance though, she was really game right up till that 10f mark. :slight_smile:

Yeah grin Next out will be taking results here into consideration.
Really can’t wait for the next-out, either. I feel like I know what I’m looking at, rather than taking a stab in the dark like this first race was.

Actually, it means Did Not Finish, and is supposed to be for horses that are pulled up prior to the finish line.  It is a known bug that it appears randomly, though.