Discussion on Stud Requirements

I was kinda thinking…

Another sort of “private” studding thing. Like say we get stallions with so many points but not being able to public stud, just personal stud for a few limited breedings per year just to kinda make colts have some value again and for us to not be so exasperated when we can’t get a colt to win the races asked or like me xD can’t afford to enter a lot of big races xDD

Just a kind of beta thought lol

And cause I feel sad not getting babies from some of my champs xD and cause i am always breeding to the same studs…

Hmmm. I wouldn’t personally be a fan of this. The stud requirements are in place for a reason, and I love the goal it sets for me to achieve getting a stud qualified. I know I’m very far from it, but I’m hoping one day!

It also sets a nice standard for what can be on the market. I see this leading to a flood of colts that the requirements are in place to prevent. And if someone becomes a really good sire but they are only accessible by the owner that will create 1) an unfair monopoly, and 2) lead to people then wanting to stand them publicly to meet demand and/or tearing at the requirements again.

I also feel this is a huge problem in RL racing where you have horses at stud that have never won a freaking race, but someone feels the need to make money off of them. I’m not saying that’s what you mean, I’m just showing the extreme.

I can understand the desire to breed from an unqualified stallion. In 10 years of playing this game I have never stud qualified a stallion and I doubt I ever will. I’ve been close a couple of times and would have dearly loved to have had 1 or 2 foals from them.
On the other hand we have a lot of very qualified stallions available to breed from so the game doesn’t really need more.

Would it be possible (or just too much messing about) to nominate one single owned and home bred stallion (for a fee to FF ?)each year to be bred only to your own mares and just 5 slots? That should satisfy people like me who would love to use their own stallion but prevent a flood of any old stallions foals becoming available. If there were for example 150 breeding stables who all had a home bred stallion, that’s a maximum of 750 foals out of 3,000 (number of 2021 foals). not all would have a home bred stallion as it takes a minimum of 5 years to acquire one and many other long standing stables will already have a stallion of their own and might not want to. it might be a nice reward for long standing members who have no stallions standing - or it might be only me! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat as Willa. If we had a severe lack of stallions due to hard requirements, I can see the want for either easier requirements. If there is a SERIOUS desire for side breeding, maybe make it  similar to the RL stallions where stables can, say, nominate one of their own horses to stand for 1 year at stud. Other members would vote, and only a tiny pool of 3-5 â€�sponsoredâ€� stallions a year would get in — sponsored because the owner has to pay a fee to nominate AND stand if chosen. After the 1 year at stud they are retired. I feel there should still be requirements however (ex: 5 stakes wins including 1 G1W, vs normal 7 wins). Owner could then dictate if the stud stands publicly or 100% privately for their own mares, or however they choose.

I’m still in favor of simply saying no to this idea and keeping the current system. In 9 years of playing I managed to qualify 1 stallion via lease and purchased French Ruby. However, I currently have two stallions who just need a win (both purchased) and that’s extremely exciting to FINALLY meet an elusive goal vs backyard breeding horses who don’t really qualify.

Really we just need to figure out what Lewis feeds his horses. :wink:


Haha true! I just realized how lucky I was, getting to qualify two stallions… and I’m 6 years in the game, with shameful 36% OTB this year…  :astonished:

However, I think we have quite a lot of stallions in the game… I’d just like to be able to search them by location, or at least get some kind of “are you sure?” warning when I’m about to send a horse somewhere far away :wink:

I’ve been playing for 14 years (holy cow! I thought it was like… 8…) and have been able to qualify 8 stallions. My first stallion, WCh. I’m Your Angel retired to stud in 2011, 4 years after I started the game.

I don’t want to change the rules; It takes a long time to establish yourself to the point where you can race a colt to stud qualification. Adding stallions that are not qualified would de-value the whole breeding pool. There are alot of great stallions out there, I don’t see the need for more that aren’t qualified.

I’ve been in the game for 11 years and have now qualified 7 stallions (one is still racing under Lewis’s management & superfeed, ha!). However, there was a point in which I felt like I’d never be able to qualify any stallions. In fact, I didn’t qualify any stallions until the tail end of my 7th year.

Personally, I don’t think I’d be interested in utilizing this if it were offered. I can definitely see how it would have been appealing, though, in those early years. My question would be whether or not it would just create more duds. Would it be any different probability-wise than breeding to a real-life stallion in the game (unproven on the track)? I’ve had success with unproven/“dud” created mares going on to become stellar broodmares - likely because they were raced at the wrong age (missed peak years), never got the proper equipment (so spent all race days fighting the jockey instead of running at potential), ran over the wrong track type, etc. I suppose if I had a colt from unusual lines that I truly thought had missed his chance: for example, skipped straight to hurdles though his pedigree suggests the flat, or maybe one unraced until later in life.

Technically, yes, in that the probabilities shift a little bit based on the quality of the horse’s stats. e.g. if an average horse has a 1% chance to produce a foal with amazing stats, a horse with amazing stats might have a 3% chance.

(Having said that, “amazing stats” does not necessarily equate to a winning horse, nor does it mean that all their stats will be amazing…they might have tons of stamina but no speed, or no consistency, or vice-verse.)

There’s also the BPF (bloodline potential factor) - this will boost the foal’s stats relative to the parent if they have a high BPF, or lower them relative to the parent if they have a low one. For some stats it just means that the foal is more or less like its parent (which may be a good or bad thing :wink:).

I guess what I’m asking - do the “real life” stallions get any sort of a boost to make them more “stud quality”, or are they just like any other created horse (a completely random draw of potential)?

11 years in the game and I still learn new things. So cool! That explains the frustrating superhorses who can’t seem to get offspring to the finish line at all. :stuck_out_tongue: Also to magic “duds” who go on to become platinum mares, etc.

They get a “boost” in that I try to make their stats roughly match what they did IRL (e.g. a Kentucky Derby winner would be randomly generated with a score from 6-10 vs 1-10, because clearly they can handle dirt…likewise their stamina might range from 8-12f instead of 6-12f to represent their stamina clearly being somewhere around 10f). The stats themselves are still randomly generated, though, including the BPF.

This makes a nice discussion:) For me it’s been 8 years on the game. I admit i have a lot to understand still. But maybe some day I might finally get a horse there lol. I treasure my champions but I always seem to be chasin elusive G1s xD