Did May 6th races run?

I had 8 horses down to run May 6 but nothing seems to have happened and there are no other posts that show anything went wrong.

May 3rd races haven’t run yet - I assume races from the 6th will run once @Shanthi is able to sort the issue affecting the previous races.

Thanks, wasn’t aware of the failure of May 3rd races as i had no entries :blush:

The game is broken and we dont have an admin to fix. RIP Final Furlong i am afraid to say

That’s a little dramatic and unnecessary. Shanthi has been quick to fix anything when I email her letting her know there is an issue. This is the first time it’s taken her a few days. I’m sure FF will be around much longer.


Whilst the results aren’t up for May 3rd, if you go into your stable summary and click last race, scroll down you’ll see those horses who did race although it shows them still to run.

You’ll see Novelist won the G1 over 8F :blush:

Unless Shanthi reruns the race :neutral_face:


Yes, I did notice eventually :woman_facepalming:t3:. Had some decent stakes results so hoping they stand but as races 2 and 3 have no data, Shanthi might rerun them.

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Sorry all, I’m travelling at the moment so not near my usual setup, and of course that’s when the server decides to wig out.

May 3 races run, except for races 2 and 3 which I could get to run but not to save. :sob: After fighting with it for a few hours I eventually had to give up, apologies to anyone who had entries in those 2 races.

May 6 behaved better and I think all of those races ran.

I did have to re-create race entries for May 6 so I’m not sure if any entries for those days are lingering. Give a shout if there’s anything weird.

I’ll be back home this weekend and can hopefully fix anything properly then.

(Also, I haven’t forgotten FF, I’ve just had very limited mental energy to work on it, hence my radio silence for so long. I’m hoping that will change soon!)


Thank you Shanthi!

I really appreciate you taking the time during your travels to fix this so we can play with our pixel ponies again! I know the game doesn’t always function but I really enjoy playing it, so thank you for enabling this little hobby. :smiley:

Take your time and hopefully you’ll fall back in love with the game again soon!


Thank you for taking the time out from your travels to look into things. I hope you enjoy the remainder of your trip.


Weird… my horses that were entered in May 3 races are still entered in them but for 2028… for example:

Doing Business

Last race:
5/3/27 Belmont #6: 5.5f NW2 Allowance for 2yo F (Turf) - 4th/9
Next race:
5/1/28 Belmont #6: 5.5f NW2 Allowance for 2yo F (Turf)

Regular Tiger

Last race:
5/3/27 Del Mar #14: 13f NW3 Allowance for 4yo+ F/M (Dirt) - 3rd/5
Next race:
5/1/28 Del Mar #14: 13f NW3 Allowance for 4yo+ F/M (Dirt)


Last race:
5/3/27 Del Mar #12: 8f NW3 Allowance for 4yo+ (Dirt) - 3rd/6 - W
Next race:
5/1/28 Del Mar #12: 8f NW3 Allowance for 4yo+ (Dirt) - W


Last race:
5/3/27 Woodbine #30: 5.5f Claiming ($10,000) for 2yo (Turf) - 1st/6
Next race:
5/1/28 Woodbine #30: 5.5f Claiming ($10,000) for 2yo (Turf)

@Hilda_with_Clicker this should be fixed - I think this is because I ran may 3, then may 6, then tried to cleanup.

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