Did Auto-Entries for 5/29 not run?

None of my scheduled entries for 5/29 have gone through and I have neither a confirmation nor a failure message.

I also have a 2yo scheduled for entry on 5/25 that didn’t go through, but I cannot enter him manually either - he’s at the track, is qualified for the race, and the race is not full.

None of my 5/29 or 6/1 entries were entered, so I just went and manually entered them all (except 1 that I scratched). They were all at the track & eligible for their chosen race.

Looks like mine failed as well, so I’m manually entering them.

While manually entering it looks like May 25th also failed. I also have some scheduled for 6/1 and since that opened today they should have been entered but they havent.

Since it’s not just me, I’m going to manually enter those that I can. Hopefully that doesn’t mess up any investigating.

I’m traveling this weekend so not sure if I’ll have both time and internet to investigate, but the logs should help :crossed_fingers:.

Please plan to do manual entry for anyone that wasn’t auto entered though.

So there are no logs from May 24 onward, which implies that auto entries haven’t been running. I’ll try and see what’s going on.