Desert Wind 2027 Foals

First foals of the season

Jan 02, 2027


GCh. Powerful Soul x Blaromina - Blame (B)
8.0h Dark Bay Colt

Down Once More

NCh. Last For More (B) x Gunning For Love - ICh. Gunningdownromance (S/S) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
9.2h Bay Colt


NCh. Tir Na Nog x Destiny’s Child - Created
10.0h Dark Bay Colt

SS Apollo

California Chrome (B) x Ch. Early Valentine (B) - The Black (S/S)
8.1h Liver Chestnut Colt

Something Royal

GCh. Spirit in the Sky x Silver Victory - NCh. Silver Wizard (B)
10.0h Bay Filly

Chocolate Frosting

GCh. Superdocious (B) x Strawberry Hill - Ch. City Upon a Hill (B)
9.1h Bay Filly

Sadly, we lost
Priceless Pearl
today. As a runner she bombed really badly. In the breeding shed she has done ok with the breeding rank of Bronze. She will be missed but I have her first filly
Pink Pearls
Who is expecting her first foal by WCh. Sponsored due 1/10.

4 Colts | 2 Fillies | 1 Mare Deceased 142 Foals due


Well looks like the Colts are ahead of the Fillies.

Jan 03, 2027

Dragon Slayer

NCh. Lucky Streak (S) Chef-de-Race (I) x Into The Night - WCh. Strider (S/S) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
10.0h Strawberry Roan Colt

Jan 04, 2027

Cruel Whisper

GCh. Naval Commander (B) x Deluded - (Created)
10.0h Dark Bay Colt

Captian America

WCh. Sponsored (B) x A Grand Affair - FFCh. Foolhardy (G/G) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
10.1h Dark Bay Colt


NCh. Too Stressful (B) x Ch. Selisha - WCh. Nightfight (G/G)
9.3h Black Colt

Winter Fire

NCh. Worthy Victor (S) Chef-de-Race (I) x Ch. Geneva - FFCh. Foolhardy (G/S) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
10.0h Brown Filly

Deza Ra

Talismanic x Cosmic Fantasy - NCh. Al Mundhirl (B)
9.3h Blue Roan Filly

8 Colts | 4 Fillies | 1 Mare Deceased | 142 foals due


Those are some mighty big babies! Very lovely!


Yes, when I was looking them over they seemed to be 6 months old lol

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Jan 05, 2027

Blue Graphite
NCh. Hogsmeade (B) x Cypher - Created
8.3h Dark Grey Colt

The Neden Game

ICh. First Born S (S) Chef-de-Race (I) x Lovely Thanatos - NCh. Al Mundhir (B)
9.0h Blue Roan Filly

9 Colts | 5 Fillies | 1 Mare Deceased 140 foals due


Jan 06, 2027


GCh. Dark Debate x J’adore - ICh. Gunningdownromance (S/S) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
8.2h Chestnut Colt

Elusive Jade

NCh. Ablative Armour x Arya - NCh. Dark Demand (S)
8.3h Dark Bay Filly

10 Colts | 6 Fillies | 1 Mare Deceased 138 foals due


Jan 07, 2027

Colors of Victory

Thunder Snow x French Lace - NCh. French Ruby (S)
9.0h Bay Colt

Morning Whisper

NCh. Pay the Boatman (B) x Las Vegas Showgirl - ICh. Prince Of Wonder (S) Chef-de-Race (I)
9.3h Bay Filly

Ancient Breeza

NCh. Bells Beach x Etched Sunshine - ICh. Dr. Evil (S) Chef-de-Race (I)
9.3h Bay Filly

11 Colts | 7 Fillies | 1 Mare Deceased 135 foals due


Jan 08, 2027

Midnight Skys

NCh. Tense Imagination x Ch. Bluegrass Gal - WCh. Strider (G) Chef-se-Race (B/I)
9.0h Black Filly

Eternal Sense

NCh. Away The Lads (B) x Button Moon - Point Given (S/S) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
9.2h Bay Filly

January 09, 2027


Gun Runner x Ch. Final Point (B) - Ch. Final Point (S) Chef-de-Race (I)
9.2h Bay Colt

End of Reason

American Pharoah (S) x Ch. Rally The Troops - War Chant (S) Chef-de-Race (I)
9.1h Chestnut Colt

The Apothecary

WCh. Sponsored (B) x Pink Pearls - NCh. Dark Demand (S)
9.1h Chestnut Colt

14 Colts | 10 Fillies | 1 Mare Deceased 130 foals due


Jan 11, 2027

Elegant Fool

FFCh. I’m No Fool (S) Chef-de-Race (I) x Elektrogorskl - NCh. Player (S)
8.1h Chestnut Filly

Moaning Myrtle

NCh. Hogwarts (B) x DaughtersoftheKnee - NCh. Changeling (S) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
8.0h Bay Filly

14 Colts | 12 Fillies | 1 Mare Deceased 128 foals due


Love the name Moaning Myrtle for your filly!

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Love the name moaning myrtle, surprised it wasnt taken !

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I know I was totally surprised too.

Jan 14, 2027

Authentic Evil

Authentic x Ghillie Brogues - ICh. Dr. Evil (S) Chef-de-Race (I)
8.2h Dark Bay Colt

Jan 15, 2027

Ancient Princess

NCh. Ancient Magic (B) x Bright Princess - FFCh. High Chances(S/S) Chef-de-Race (I/C)
10.0h Dark Bay Filly

Unfortunately we lost Bright Princess during foaling. She was a MSP mare. In the foaling barn she has 4 daughters. We have her last filly.Ancient Princess and am looking forward t seeing her on the track.

14 Colts | 13 Fillies | 2 Mares Deceased 126 foals due


Sorry for your loss. :cry:

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Sorry for your lost mare.

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Jan 19, 2027

Lucky Lipstick

NCh. Exit Poll (B) x Bonnie Lass - WCh. Sponsored (B)
7.2h Dark Bay Filly

Dark Desire

GCh. Dark Debate x A Hollywood Affair - FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood (S/S) Chef-de-Race (I/C)
8.3h Bay Filly

Jan. 20, 2027

Hidden Fool

NCh. Hidden Destiny (B) x Fool’s Skipper - FFCh. Foolhardy (G/S) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
9.0h Black Colt

16 Colts | 15 Fillies | 2 Mares Deceased 123 foals due


Jan 29, 2027

Freedom Trail

ICh. Devil’s Walkl (B) x Color My World - GCh. Starzen (B/B)
8.2h Black Colt


NCh. AndLikeThatHesGone (B) x A’La Mode -NCh. Al Mundhir (B)
8.3h Bay Filly

Jan. 30,2027


NCh. Secret Handshake x Eau de Vie - GCh. Ace of Hearts (B) Chef-de-Race (I)
8.3h Grey Colt


NCh. Nobly Regal (S) x Chilly Cherry - GCh. Akhetnaten (S/S) Chef-de-Race (I)
8.3h Mahogany Bay Colt

Peppermint Gummies

NCh. Bells Beach x Ch. Gunningdownlove - ICh. Gunningdownromance (S/S) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
8.2h Bay Filly


GCh. Venture His Due (B) x Sexy Sadie - NCh. Formal Occasion (S)
8.3h Grey Filly


NCh. Devil’s Heir x Inxs - NCh. Boldness Shows (S/S) Chef-de-Race (I)
9.3h Chestnut Filly

January 31,2027

Carry On

GCh. Naval Commander (B) x Banshee - GCh. Edinburgh (B) Chef-de-Race (I)
9.2h Chestnut Filly

19 Colts | 20 Fillies | 2 Mares Deceased 115 foals due


February 01, 2027

Forever Inspired

NCh. Exit Poll (B) x Abrupt Value -Ch. Magic Cross (S/S) Chef-de-Race (B/I)
10.0h Bay Filly


NCh. Flames of Passion x Outrun the Wind (G) - GCh. Must Be Magic (S/S) Chef-de-Race (I)
9.1h Black Filly

19 Colts | 21 Fillies | 2 Mares Deceased 113 foals due


Love the name Sprightly!

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February 02, 2027

Hidden Goddess

NCh. Hidden Destiny (B) x Lorde - Ch. Magic Cross (B)
8.2h Light Bay Filly

19 Colts | 22 Fillies | 2 Mares Deceased 112 foals due