Derby anyone?

Any FFers going to the derby tomorrow?  My college roommate and I are going, my first derby, and I am quite psyched about it! :slight_smile:

I would love to go to the Derby (and the Rolex!  Mmmm…), but haven’t had time/resources yet.  Maybe we should start planning a massive FF roadtrip to KY next year.  :wink:

Aww that would be the coolest, Shanthi :slight_smile:  I’ve always wanted to go to both.  I got a ride to the barn with a lady that lives really close to me now, but used to train 3-day-eventers in Arizona, and she went to Rolex this year.  She also personally knows Kim Severson!  Wowowow.

I would LOVELOVELOVE to go to the Rolex. When I was in high school, they used to offer a trip every year, but my freshman year only me and one other person signed up, so we didn’t get to go.  :'(

I’m going to the KY Horse Park this June because our reining stud is tring to qulify for the USET team 8) Come on Goldie, but that would be sooo coooooool!

Alright im Jealous :stuck_out_tongue: