Denoux Stud 2025 Foals

A few of the names are inspired by the Netflix’s show The Queen’s Gambit (and chess) that I may or may not have watched 3 times now lololol

We’re very thankful that our mare due on 12/31 kept her legs crossed :joy_cat:

ICh. Quarren (S) x Egyptian Princess - GCh. Akhetnaten (S)
7.3h bay filly

NCh. Golden Text (G) x Gibraltar Dove - Rock of Gibraltar
7.3h dark bay colt

NCh. Worthy Victor (G) x Nereid - WCh. Nightfight (S)
9.1h chestnut filly

NCh. Ancient Magic x Ch. Silver Roses - NCh. Silver Wizard
8.1h black filly

NCh. Devil’s Heir x Ch. Bride to Be - NCh. Formal Occasion
9.0h grey colt

NCh. Formal Occasion (S) x Ch. Olivia Cromwell - GCh. Mantle of Power
8.1h grey filly

2 Colts | 4 Fillies - 36 due

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Amazed Voodoo Doll wasn’t taken. Lovely foals!

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Another filly! The girls are getting ahead this year.

ICh. Belanso (S) x Torchbearer - FFCh. Foolhardy (S)
8.3h flea-bitten grey filly

2 Colts | 5 Fillies - 35 due

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I was listenting to Allison Road by Gin Blossoms this morning, so that’s the name inspo.

GCh. Spiritofsaintlouis x Ch. Tavana - ICh. Belanso
8.1h dark grey colt

3 Colts | 5 Fillies

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Love the name!

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The colts are catching up!

ICh. Unabridged (G) x Ms Que - GCh. Worth My While (G)
9.2h dark grey colt

4 Colts | 5 Fillies


Great name

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Love the name!

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Absolutely love the name!

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I’m surprised it wasn’t taken!

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First foals in a while here.

My New Orleans self is sad over the cancellation of Mardi Gras (it’s necessary but I’m still sad[I HATE COVID]), so here’s to King Cake and to Shelbie for the suggestion. Cannot believe we didn’t come up with it ourselves. I’m just not myself right now lol

ICh. Belanso (S) x Cherry Cheesecake (G) - Distinct Possibili (S)
9.0h flea-bitten grey colt

1/2 brother to Ch. Cherries Jubilee, Ch. Get the Axe

ICh. Belanso (S) x Shigatsu Ame (B) - Distinct Possibili (S)
8.3h flea-bitten grey filly

5 Colts | 6 Fillies


Love the names! (as you know).

Love the names, being a Native Louisianan I am also sad over Mardi Gras. It will be back next year just as big and just as loud.

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Oh yes, next year we’re going all out! Have you seen the house floats people are doing? Houses in New Orleans are transformed into Mardi Gras floats since parades are canceled - CBS News

We’re planning to drive around and look at some this weekend!

Stillborn filly
NCh. Nobly Regal (S) x California Classic (S) - Bold Ruler (S)
1/2 sister to Classic Navy
California Classic will see Straticus next.

NCh. Fight The Twilight (B) x Miss Quicksilver (B) - Ch. Mr. Townsend (S)
9.2h bay colt
I was hoping to get a filly out of Miss Quicksilver as she is half to retired stallion Silver Wizard, but oh well. Trying to decide if we’ll rebreed her or sell.

GCh. Spiritofsaintlouis x ICh. Date With Destiny (P) - Created
8.2h black filly

3/4 sister to GCh. Inevitable
1/2 sister to Ch. Artistry
Excited for this cross. Date with Destiny was bred on a lease and goes home soon.

6 Colts | 7 Fillies | 1 Stillborn


Sorry to hear about your stillborn! there’s been too many these past few days :frowning:

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Some years are worse than others. A good while back I had only 20 broodmares and had 5 stillborns!

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Lovely foals!

The fact I’ve only had 1 stillborn so far is a big improvement over last year. I feel by February 2024 I had already lost 2 mares.

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Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope mama is well and doing ok.

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We had a really busy weekend!

ICh. Belanso (S) x Supersecret (S) - Ch. Rumor Has It (G)
9.1h dark grey colt

1/2 brother to Private Flight

Supersecret will visit Glorious Victory next.

NCh. Palermo x GCh. Unbreakable Vow - GCh. Secretsarebound
9.0h grey colt

Named for a church in Palermo. Unbreakable Vow is up for lease!

ICh. Belanso (S) x Bold Wench (G) - Bold Ruler (S)
9.3h flea-bitten grey colt

Full brother to Ch. Battle Section (2018)
1/2 brother to Ch. High South, Ch. Beratis, Ch. Batris, Brandy Alexandra

Continuing the “b” name trend. Bold Wench was bred on lease and goes home to Black Storm.

NCh. Daredevil Dan (S) x Ch. Gold And Black - WCh. Nightfight (S)
10.0h bay colt

Gold and Black is up for lease.

Thunder Snow x Nonchalant Home - ICh. Belanso
8.3h dark grey colt

Named for a character associated with winter in a book series I like. Nonchalant Home is up for lease.

WCh. Express Yourself (G) x Ch. Rainbow Surprise - WCh. Crystal Rainbow (S)
9.3h bay filly

Full sister to Havilliard (2023)

Surprised the name was available. Rainbow Surprise heads to Black Storm on lease.

ICh. Belanso (S) x Bottega Veneta - ICh. To Die For
8.2h grey colt

Named for the weaving technique that Bottega Veneta uses in their fashion line. Bottega Veneta is up for lease.

12 Colts | 8 Fillies | 1 Stillborn