Day Break 2014 Foals!

First colt, two days early!

Liver chestnut colt
Dark Continent out of Hawthorne Memory

This would be Hawthorne’s first foal. She did quite well in her short career and obviously Dark Continent is awesome so here’s hoping! Hawthorne is headed out to visit Candidate.

Second foal! I was worried about this one. Endless Dream foaled ten days early last year and her due date was the fourth. However, this little lady held on an extra day.

Stressed out of Endless Dream
Grey with a lot of white

It looks like Endless Dream is always going to give grey foals, this is the fifth in a row :slight_smile: She’s on her way to Dark Continent.

2 foals / [color=blue]1 colt / [color=red]1 filly / [color=black]0 deceased / [color=navy]14 more to go!

Love the name Iambic!  Makes the English geek in me giggle with delight.  Very cute foals.  =)

Oooh I love it too. Very clever and cute at the same time.

Ooh, yes, I shall join the Iambic fan club too! She’s a pretty girl.

Holy crap guys! Mojita has set a new record at the farm! Due to foal on February 6th, we woke up this morning to a cute, little filly.

By TakeMeToHollywood and Mojita
Black filly, 8.3hh

My heart leapt a little seeing as this little girl is three weeks early but she’s healthy, a decent size, and mom and her are doing well. This is Mojita’s second filly, the first, Worth Every Drop, is chilling with our other yearlings until next year. Mojita was our starter horse and holds a speed record so we have a good feeling. Hopefully, this speedy birth is indicative of her speedy racing career :slight_smile:

Mojita is off to Chivalry but has quite a bit of bonding time before that.

3 foals / [color=blue]1 colt / [color=red]2 fillies / [color=black]0 deceased / 13 more to go!

Adorable baby! Love the name!

haha!  Absolutely love, love, LOVE the name!  I wish I had thought of it first :wink:

I’ve been waiting to use that name for a year now! Thought of it well before I even booked that breeding :smiley: Mojita is such a fun name to derive from.

After some leg crossing, we’ve got another girl!

Chestnut filly
Turn n’Burn x Flip Flop Fly

She’s got a nice pedigree chock full of nice runners and good providers. Flip Flop Fly, who was a leasee, foals back at her home turf and is doing well!

Now we just have to wait for two more mares who are overdue and making us sweat out the wait. Also, fillies are winning again :slight_smile:

4 foals / 1 colt / 3 fillies / 0 deceased / 12 more to go!

Like the name. :slight_smile: She’s a cutie!

Cute name! :slight_smile:

Two babies on the same day!

Harvard Bound x Distinctive Look
9.2hh liver chestnut colt
Very happy this baby is healthy and nicely put together. Distinctive Look is getting up there in years and has lost two foals in the past four years. But this guy is fabulous!

Nightfight x Shamanistic
8.3hh black filly
A bit of a shot in the dark as both her parents won’t have foals on the track until next year. However, she’s a little cutie and we’re hopeful!

We can relax for a bit, the next foal is due in March.

6 foals / 2 colts / 4 fillies / 0 deceased / 10 more to go!

Yay! I like them! Talisman is so cute for the Nightfight daughter. :slight_smile:  She’s a pretty girl!

Big sigh of relief as London Eye foaled at some point while I was at work today:

9.2hh dark bay filly
By Gotta Go out of London Eye

London Eye lost her first foal last year so we were concerned about it but as you can see Magnate is a happy, healthy, BIG filly for our 15h pipsqueak new mom. London Eye is bonding quite well despite the trauma of last year and we are still deciding on a stud for her next foal.
7 foals / 2 colts / 5 fillies / 0 deceased / 9 more to go!

Once again the fillies are leading!

Really nice looking filly. Best of luck with her!

After a long month of being overdue, Nefarious finally decided to grace us with a healthy colt!

Chivalry out of Nefarious
9.0hh Black

We lost out Chivalry colt last year so we are glad to see him happy and healthy! Nefarious is off to see Cryptic Ballad.

[color=orange]8 foals / 3 colts / 5 fillies / 0 deceased / 8 more to go!

Colts are catching up!

Congrats, cute name. :slight_smile:

Two more!

Appealinux x What’s Your Point
9.2h Chestnut filly
Her name is hilarious to me because it relates to an essay I wrote this year which half delirious from exhaustion and that same feeling is creeping back up on me during exam times. Appy made sure to cross her legs and make us wait for her baby so we’re glad she’s here, big, and healthy!

Also [color=red]Nuclear Bomb, one of our redeemers arrived at the farm today. 

10 foals / 3 colts / 7 fillies / 0 deceased / 7 more to go!

After a 22 day wait, Fleet Cruise finally decided to grace us with another filly:

[color=red]Iron Compass
By Silver Charm out of Fleet Cruise
9.2hh black filly
This is Silver Charm’s first crop but Fleet Cruise all ready has a stake winner on the ground. She is just barely making her appointment date with What’s Your Point :slight_smile:

11 foals // [color=red]8 fillies // [color=blue]3 colts // 6 more to go!