Darkwood's Foals

Nice start to the year.

NCh. Run Jenny Run x Could Be Art - ICh. Doodles
9.3h strawberry roan colt

[color=red]RICH AT LAST
WCh. Strike It Rich (S) x Last Goodbye - NCh. Black Warrior
10.0h blood bay filly

ICh Starling x Opal Ice - GCh. Major’s Flight (B)
8.3h chestnut filly

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Lovely foals and great names.

One more today! looks like the boys have a head start this year!
[color=blue]SEA FRET
ICh. Belanso (S) x London Fog (B) - War Chant (S)
9.1h flea-bitten grey colt

A Sea Fret is low lying fog off the east coast of England  It mostly seems to form when the rest of the country is having great weather and has ruined many a summer where I live  :slight_smile:

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Nice name :smiley:

I agree, great name. :slight_smile:

Thank you both!

Love the name!

and another!

[color=blue]RUBY SOLITAIRE
NCh. French Ruby (B) x Ch. Dream Alone (B) - Ch. Mr. Townsend (S)
9.0h brown colt

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Congrats on the Ruby foal!

Got a bit behind with new foals - I think I’m up to date now!

[color=red]BURNING ROSE[/color]
NCh. Highland Burning (S) x Wild Irish Rose - GCh. Highland Laird (S)
10.1h grey filly

NCh. Changeling (S) x Cats Breath - ICh. Alley Cat (S)
9.0h bay colt

[color=red]MORNING FLIGHT[/color]
ICh. Starling x Fienza - ICh. Take Me Away
10.0h bay filly

NCh. Pay the Boatman (B) x Rock Chick - NCh. Player
9.1h bay colt

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First March baby 2 days early.
[color=red]CRYSTAL BLACK[/color]
FFCh. Black Cherry (B) x Crystal Gold - WCh. Crystal Rainbow (S)
8.3h black filly

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2 more :slightly_smiling_face:
NCh. Hogsmeade (B) x Ch. Highland Joy - ICh. Highland Pride (S)
8.0h grey colt

[color=red]BANRIGH DHUBH[/color]
FFCh. Black Cherry (B) x NCh. Best Queen (S) - Bold Ruler (S)
9.1h brown filly

1/2 sister to [color=blue]Ch. Royal Fool[/color]

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Love the names.


One more colt!
NCh. Formal Occasion (S) x Snowbell - ICh. Spock
9.2h grey colt

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Love the name.

Amazing name.

Thanks! I thought it would have been taken :slightly_smiling_face:

Great name!

At last! Nearly a month late :grinning:

NCh. Von Lichtenstein (S) x Ch. Sienna - NCh. I’m A Classic (S)
9.1h flea-bitten grey filly

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