Darkwood's 2024 foals

[color=blue]IN THE NEWS[/color]
NCh. Sunday Paper (B) x GCh. Glitteratti - ICh. Doodles
9.2h dark bay colt

[color=red]SORAIDH SLàN[/color]
WCh. Sionnach x Last Goodbye - NCh. Black Warrior
8.3h bay filly

[color=red]ICE AND FIRE[/color]
ICh. Demand the Best (B) x Opal Ice - GCh. Major’s Flight (B)
7.3h liver chestnut filly

1 Colt | 2 Fillies

Lovely foals!

Can you rename Ice and Fire though please? There’s a mare named Fire and Ice.

Done! Now called Opaline hope that is OK :smile:

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Two more girls!
ICh. Starling (S) x Meadowlark - NCh. Slew O’Scots (S)
8.2h brown filly

WCh. Sponsored (B) x Smoke’n - Cigar (S)
9.2h bay filly

1 Colt | 4 Fillies

Congrats on the lovely foals. Particularly love the name ‘Curlew’.

Thanks !

ICh. Quarren (S) x Incinerate - ICh. Stressed (S)
8.1h bay filly

1 Colt | 5 Fillies

Great name!

Thanks :blush:

Boys are being outnumbered again!
[color=red]GREY FOX[/color]
WCh. Sionnach x Sworn to Secrecy - GCh. Secretsarebound
8.3h grey filly

1 Colt | 6 Fillies

NCh. Allinvain x Ch. Dark Crown - NCh. Void
8.2h dark bay colt

ICh. Quarren (S) x Serve Yourself - WCh. Express Yourself
9.1h bay filly

2 Colts | 7 Fillies

The girls are out in front again! Her name is Secret Dreamer in Arabic
[color=red]HALM SIRIYIN[/color]
NCh. Al Mundhir (B) x Ch. Goodbye to a Dream - ICh. Candidate (S)
7.3h bay filly

2 Colts | 8 Fillies

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Beautiful filly. :heart:

Nice to see another colt!
[color=blue]PRINCE ZADAR[/color]
GCh. Zadar x Ch. Princess Grace (S) - Secretariat (S)
8.2h bay colt

1/2 brother to [color=red]Ch. Mark of a Dancer[/color]

3 Colts | 8 Fillies

Lovely colt.

Ooh, Al Mundhir’s first filly! Nice foals.

Two new ones

[color=red]GONE TO LONDON[/color]
NCh. AndLikeThatHesGone (B) x London Fog (B) - War Chant (S)
8.2h bay filly

Habanero is a very hot variety of chili pepper

WCh. Express Yourself (G) x Too Hot To Trot - WCh. What’s Debatable (G)
9.2h grey colt

4 Colts | 9 Fillies

Mmm…habanero. (Both the pepper and the colt.)

Love the names!

Can’t eat chillies (even mild ones) they make me cough! :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face: