Curiousity Question

I read in a post on here about randomizing when horses become deceased that it would be effected by how often a horse ran in it’s life, making it die a bit earlier. So I was just curious; how much would that effect the horse’s lifetime? For example, my horse Unabridged heals a lot faster than my other horse, Tolateyouloose. Unabridged takes about 7-9 days to heal, so mostly I race him about every 10-12 days. Tolateyouloose, however, takes about 15-20 days to fully recover. So I race him anywhere with a 18 days to a month rest period. Does that mean that Unabridged would die at a younger age than Tolateyouloose?

I’m just wondering how the whole system works. Seems reasonable to me that Unabridged would die earlier. (even though I’ll be really sad when that time does come)

Thanks in advance!  :wink:

I imagine that most horses; expiration dates are after they retire from breeding.  To me, a retired horse is not much different from a dead horse.  I could be wrong, though.

Random retirement/death ages are just that…random.  How often you race your horse affects racing (i.e. a tired horse won’t do as well, is more prone to injury, etc.) but has no effect on when the horse will retire/die (unless they die on the track, obviously).

Have we ever had a Final Furlong racehorse die on the track?  ???

Not yet, but in 2011, broken legs may result in death.  (Currently only heart attacks result in death, and none have occurred yet.)

Oh, okay. That’s interesting.

Uh, oh. When broken legs may result in death we better be careful.

Thanks, all.  ;D

What would the percentage be of the horses that get broken legs resulting in death?

I imagine as long as you’re not racing horses into the ground, you limit your chances of getting the dreaded broken leg/heart attack.  Hence, a percentage of a percentage is a pretty small chance.  Am I right?

I believe it’s set at 50% chance of broken leg = death.  However, as you noted, the chance of a broken leg is pretty slim.  And, if destined for a heart attack, I believe there’s a 90% chance that it ends up as a broken leg instead.

So just to clarify…you said that a tired or over raced horse is more prone to injury.  Lets say you throw a very unfit horse that is fine on the energy side but hasn’t been raced or worked out in 6 months into a race, particuarly a long distance race, will that horse have a higher chance of a heart attack or is a heart attack more likely in a tired/over raced horse?(which is what I believe you are saying-just double checking :slight_smile: )

A horse with low energy and/or low fitness is more likely to have an injury, period.  A horse with low energy and/or low fitness is likely to have a more severe injury, if injured.  That said, the chances of injury, let alone the chances of broken legs/heart attacks, are pretty small.

Ah, I get it now. Thanks for clearing that up! :slight_smile: