Cricket Hill 2013 Crop

Well, we’re super, super excited about this one.

Forbidden City is a smashing black filly with minimal white by WCh. King David out of NCh. Sacred Hill.  This is Sacred Hill’s first foal.  She will be sent to Crystal Rainbow for her 2nd foal.

Love the name, and bloodlines! :slight_smile:

Agreed, the name is great! What a gorgeous filly :slight_smile:

She’s so cute and tiny tiny. Great name!

Whoo!  Second foal of the season came today.  The name’s still being debated, but:

ICh. Ring of Fire x GCh. Go for Glory
9.2hh Black filly

Go for Glory has been bred to High Chances.

I’d suggest continuing the debate on the name.  :wink:  Wherethere’ssmoke is 7 years older, and has dibs.

Cute baby, though!  :slight_smile:

Heh.  I knew the name sounded too familiar to be original.  :wink:

REALLY gorgeous girls, Kat…

Love the names!  :slight_smile:

Well you have some beautiful fillies there. :wink:  Maybe my boys and your girls will get together one day!  :smiley:

Nice fillies there!

Thanks, guys!  I’m looking forward to having them run for me on the track.  Here’s hoping they live up to their pedigrees.  ;D

Our first colt of the year!

Point of Pride
Point Given x GCh. Daddys Pride
9.1h Blue Roan Colt

Daddys Pride is headed off to see Magic Glory.

Count: [color=red]2 fillies, [color=blue]1 colt, 22 to go

Congrats on the babies - jealous of your colt, he’s my favourite colour - no matter how unrealistic :wink:

Try and get yourself a blue roan mare…or you could breed to Blue Ensign, who is currently the only blue roan stud in the game.  I’m hoping, though, to get this colt studified…so, if you don’t mind waiting five or six years…  ;D

If we’re both still here in 5-6 years I’ll take you up on that    ;D ;D

Holy foals, batman!  More colts!

Yes, I’m as shocked as our barn manager, since fillies have usually been the rule around here.  Last night yielded us with two more colts. 

ICh. Dark Continent x Ch. Notanotherhighland
9.0h Black Colt

Notanotherhighland will be visiting What’s Your Point

ICh. Magic Glory x Shattered Dreams
9.1h Bay Colt

Shattered Dreams is headed to Illinois to visit Lasting Spirit.

[color=red]2 fillies, [color=blue]3 colts, 20 to go (next due in Feb)

Chance of Rain
FFCh. High Chances x Singinintherain
9.1hh Brown Filly

Singinintherain has been sent to FF for a date with Irish River.

This one was foaled prematurely.  Not sure how prematurely, though.  I think only a couple days, given her size.

Definitely psyched to have another HC filly on the ground.  =)

[color=red]3 fillies, [color=blue]3 colts, 20 to go

[color=red]Queen of Sheba
WCh. King David x Ch. Final Tour
9.0hh Dark Bay Filly

Final Tour was sent to Dark Continent.

[color=red]4 fillies, [color=blue]3 colts, 19 still to go

Cute name!