Creating Pedigrees Anyone??

has anyone since seen any horses with pedigrees they’ve created show up in claiming races? I’ve seen two of mine…personal favorites as far as names go as well :slight_smile:

Where’s The Rum - came 2nd :slight_smile:
AMad Hatter - in this upcoming meet

anyone have any favorites ?

I am going to look for them!!!

yes and I managed to claim him!  8)
Sparkling River who ran on wednesday was my last pedigree entry. i have 2 others of my own Bubbleglass and Stone Idol. I have also seen one of my early ones Our Polly running well for FF!  My colour war team Saffron Superstars has 3 others with Lacy Lady, Anthracite and Ernies Error. So far i have done over 70 pedigrees and it’s interesting watching them show up
Just a thought though - with 150 players if everybody did just 5 pedigrees there would be 750 horses for claiming races and sales, enough to keep us going for a long time so how about it those who have not done any, 5 will take about 20 minutes to do and will benefit us all - go for it!!!

Well, that doesn’t necessarily hold true.  :wink:  Even if there are a million pedigrees in the database, right now FF only creates 5 horses per claiming race.  The pedigrees are also used when new members join and when people redeem activity points.

(However, if there are a million pedigrees in the database, I’d probably set it up so that FF claiming races had 10 entries :slight_smile:)

I’ve seen some of mine show up as well. Every now and then I do a search for a few pet favorites to see if they’ve been generated for anyone yet, or to see how they’re doing. :slight_smile: Some of them seem to be doing pretty well, which is nice…even if all I contributed to them was their name. :slight_smile: I’ve been tempted to try to claim one every now and then, but haven’t yet.

Yes I did realise that, but what i meant was that if there were a lot of pedigrees it would be ages before you ran out of them!  :slight_smile: I think you did once say that you would put up horses to claim as long as there were enough pedigrees to make them with and i know there are always new stables to provide with horses and the sales…
I’ve won a couple of claimers so I have a real interest in keeping them going  :wink: and I do like creating pedigrees too - my aim is to reach 100! I think I have nearly enough names, just need the time to put them up.

I’ve created quite a few, those that come to mind are Behemoth (three cheers for Static-X) and Quoth (<-sp?) The Raven. I’d love to buy Quoth The Raven if she comes up for sale because I’m a Poe fanatic ;D

Anyway, I have MANY more to submit too but I get lazy after about… 3.

Note-> If anyone wants to submit and needs names, I have about 200, they just need pedigrees to go with them lol :wink:

Also, to Shanthi  :slight_smile:, I was wondering if we could make the pedigree for created horses that we redeem with activity points, because I have names that I’m insanely jealous of. Call me greedy :wink:


Kiera Dragonsden

I own Quoth the Raven (she was one of my starters) and I think she might pan out decently in the next couple of races. She fared well until the end of her last race, and this one is optimized for where she did well in the last one. I might be able to make an allowance horse of her :wink:

I should write some pedigrees. It sounds like fun. And it’s always nice to have an easy way to give back to the game.

Should be possible, definitely.  :slight_smile:  I’m taking a bit of a hiatus from working on FF while I do job searches and prepare for horse shows and such, but in another week or 2 I’ll be back in the game and do all these updates/fixes.

I saw her first race, when she popped up on the post parade. I’m glad she’s doing well for you :slight_smile:

Alright, that’ll be cool, good luck with your job searches/horse shows  :slight_smile:

Kiera - I have Behemoth, he was one of the claimers I won. He’s recently had his first race for me coming 1st in an open allowance so he may be a useful horse if it’s not beginners luck  :wink:
I’d also love to create pedigrees for my own activity point horses but to be fair I always claim weanlings and then give them a name of my own choosing. Though I do feel a bit bad about it, consigning somebody’s carefully chosen name into the void!
Anyway this has reminded me to get out my name list again and put some more up this week end.

Congrats :smiley: Its nice to see the pedigrees you create win and all that. Its almost as good as breeding them yourself, even though the only connection you have to them is their written pedigree. I was thinking over others I’ve done and I also wrote the pedigree for the filly/mare Nefarious. I just thought that name sounded cool when I was browsing for ideas lol

I don’t even remember any of the names I submitted, lol. I’m sure if one came up I’d recognize it as mine, but so far, I haven’t seen any.

I’ve got Archery, Ontopoftheworld, Scary Bob, and Tablero, if anyone’s been wondering what became of their submitted names. :wink: Tablero’s a weanling, but Archery, Ontopoftheworld, and Scary Bob have all placed in at least one race, since I got them as claimers!

ah, Kaycie; so you got Archery! I submitted a claim for him as well; good luck!

Wee!  I see two of the names I created showing up in the next claimers:

Catonahottinroof & Soleil (after a song I love)

Here’s hoping I can claim one…  :-\  If not, best of luck to their new owners…and if they’re ever for sale, you know who to contact!  :wink:

I went and searched some of the names I’ve entered and found quite a few more than I thought possible! :astonished:

Miss Ter Ree, BoilingPoint, SomedayNeverComes, Glorify Me, ScenicView :smiley:!!!

I’d definitely like ANY ONE of them… Woo!

I created quite a few but i can’t really remember them.  :smiley:

could we put in the horse highlights a little thing like pedigree submitted by or w/e? then it wouldn’t be on the front page to get all confused. Or even in the owner comments so the new owner could deleate if they wanted?

I just found two of the horses I created: [color=green]Jinta, and [color=green]Sado.

Sado reminds me hard of Bleach.

It should.  I’ve started creating a whole bunch of horses with Bleach related names.  Jinta is the little boy in Urahara’s Shop and Sado, aka Chad, is one of the main characters.