Confused by race results..some help please :)

Hello all,

first post, but trying to figure out how to read the race results…sent my first horse out a few days ago… It says that he came 5th, but the race was 12F, not 10F. So at the 10f mark I’m assuming it meant he was 5th by 10 1/2 lengths. But at the FINISH mark it says he was 2 by a nose…so did he come 5th, or 2nd? Or are the race result explanations just randomized and what matters is the actual finish in the race?

because looking at the race results based off of the order of finish, the whole race results card is messed up. The horse who should’ve come 1st based off of the finish column didn’t hit the board at all.

[b]Race #33, 12 furlongs NW2 Allowance for 3yo+, $35,000

horses name

5) 3
5) 5
5) 7
5) 10
5) 10 1/2
2) nose

Yeah, sadly the race results display is sometimes rather buggy. You’re correct in that at the 10 furlong mark he was in 5th. Then the code tries to do the “final furlong” margins but gets totally confused (hence the “finish” order being very weird), and then ends up displaying everything weirdly.

The order that’s actually listed for each horse’s finish position in their race record is correct, but I haven’t figured out why the marker-by-marker display is wonky.

alright awesome :slight_smile: Just making sure I’m reading it correctly! So If i’m looking to adjust training or future races by looking at the race card, should I just look at the last marker before the “finish line” column?

Not necessarily, as horses can change positions from the last pole to the finish - it’s just the display that doesn’t know how to handle it. (Maybe this year I’ll finally have time to dig into why!)

(It’s not all races, by the way, I think it’s only certain distances.)