Color Wars?

I am so sorry to bother you, but I feel like no matter where I look I can’t find out what a Color War is? If someone had time, would anyone mind explaining it? :slight_smile:

Color Wars starts once a year, and is played for the entire year there are different teams that are made up of people that request to join during the join period.  There are different challenges that each team must participate in such as coming up with a name for the team.  Now choosing a location for the barn and racing.

I feel ya  :wink: I was also really confused on what Color Wars were for the longest time.

Color Wars are played for the entire year. There are seven teams and each team is given a different color. (i.e. blue team, green team, purple team. Hence the name ‘Color’ Wars) Each team picks a name around their color and then is assigned horses. There is a captain and each team votes on which races to run their horses in etc. You get points for how well your team does and at the end of the year the team whose horses did the best wins and gets a prize. Players also get activity points for playing.

So ya, pretty simple  :slight_smile:

Okay. That sounds awesome. lol Thanks, it is simple once it’s explained. :slight_smile:

I like the sound of Color Wars.
If they run for entire year , when can I join next?

Signups happen at the beginning of each year.

Hrmm… Can I suggest that there be a sticky thread thoroughly explaining what color war is in the Color War section of the forum? 'Cause I didn’t know what it was for a long time either, until I asked.

I know you’re busy Shanthi, but I just wanted to suggest it.  :wink: