Color War idea

Maybe in the future we could use horses donated by team members, instead of created horses from Final Furlong? If each team is a mix of newbies and established stables, we could have a stable of interesting pedigree ponies that would be more fun to figure out and also more competitive, so the teams wouldn’t only compete in Maidens and NW1 races… (unless a team is lucky to have an exceptional created horse).
We often tend to ask for advice regarding our better horses, so if we were donating them to our Color War teams, I wouldn’t hesitate to offer a stakes level 3yo+ or a 2yo with gold ranked parents, etc. Also, at the beginning each team member could propose several horses and then other members would vote which would join their Color War stable.

It’s an interesting idea, though I’d wonder about fairness. The reason teams get randomly generated horses is so that each team has roughly the same quality of horse (or, if not, the same chance of getting a high quality horse). If horses are donated by team members then a team could be heavily advantaged by having a specific stable or bloodline in their barn.

I’ll have to ponder it, there might be ways to balance it out. :slight_smile:

Maybe if we didn’t donate horses to our own team, but to this year’s Color War in general? Then we wouldn’t know if our horse ends up in our team or in another, just like it is with team members.

There’s still the trick of balancing teams out - if 2 horses get donated who are stakes quality and there are 5+ teams, is that fair if one (or both) horses end up on one team vs another?

Would it be possible to use FF horses and write a script similar to select auction where it picks out say 2 x 4yo stakes winners 2 x 3yo allowance winners and 4 creates as we do now? would that be too complicated? or run a similar script on donated horses?
It would be interesting to have some CW horses running at higher levels.

That’s not a bad idea, especially if it were based on horses who’d run before (so it’s clear that they’re stakes winners and not just babies with good bloodlines).

Will ponder. :slight_smile:

Hey Shanthi, I have a proposal for CW results if you

Thanks Shelbie. :slight_smile: It’s not so much figuring out the final team standings as unearthing the script(s) that pick what horse options go to whom. I’ll try and take a look at it this weekend and see if it’s easy to run, and if so will probably end up with something along the lines of your list.