Color me stupid but.....

What is with the selling of RETIRED horses? I don’t get it? :?

Don’t buy a retired horse. There is no point.

So why is Bluberi Farms offering them for sale? Why would we be allowed to buy them or she to sell them? :x

You’ll notice that all the horses that are for sale and retired, are free. Maybe she just is trying to get them good homes to spend the rest of thier lives in?

I’m not impressed by this!!! :x Maybe there needs to be a retired horses page or Stable where they can be placed! This game, if I understand it, is to run race horses and not to provide retirement homes! :x

I don’t believe it ends up costing you anything (in taxes or elsewise).

I’m sorry you’re not impressed, though. I’d like to think that FF has some sort of innate shock-value, even if it’s the good sort of shock and not the sort of shock my mom would get if I shaved my head and painted myself blue in an attempt to join the blueman group. Hmm…sounds tempting. Much moreso than writing this paper.

But I digress.

Selling a retired horse for free is pointless, as they take up none of your 150 stable slots, don’t cost you anything in taxes, and are effectively “gone” from your stable (though they obviously still show up if you view all horses you own…but then, so do deceased horses ;-))

Selling retired horses for money is not allowed.

:x Well someone had better tell the seller!!! :x and yes I screw up too!!!

I didn’t think it was a big deal. Not like they had a dollar price or anything. So I took care of it they’re mine now. I have some acreage where they can retire in comfort :smiley: :wink:

I think if it was a matter of a favorite horse I’d owned before, or being related to one I had, I’d go ahead and ‘buy’ one. They could always make good pasture buddies for the many broodmares and foals I hope to have someday. :slight_smile:

Yeah, unless they’re charging money for them there’s no point in being upset about it. Just don’t buy them if you don’t want them.

I dunno, I have horses that I bred spread throughout FF at different stables and even though it IS pointless, I wouldn’t mind having those babies (who’s parentage I planned, raised and most likely named) back when they’re done with racing. Why not? Maybe Bluberri was giving former owners a chance to give the horse a home again?

You have to remember there ARE a bunch of sentimental girls in this game :wink: (…boys too!)