Coleman Branch 2022 Foals

Love the new forum format feature!  (Say that 5 times fast, haha!)

[color=blue]CORPSE ROAD
Devil’s Walk x Highway (B) - Cross Roads (S)
9.1h black colt

1/2 brother to MSW [color=blue]Erebor, and SP [color=blue]Journeyman

[color=red]MO CRIDHE
Celtic Star (B) x Valyntine - Alley Cat (B)
8.1h dark bay filly

1 Colt | 1 Filly | 78 due

Lovely foals, congrats.

Love the name Mo Cridhe.

Mo Cridhe is adorable! Love it!

lovely babies!

[color=red]RICH STUFF
NCh. Celtic Star (B) x Ch. Astoria - Smart Strike
8.3h dark bay filly

I claimed Astoria years ago just for the potential Goonies-related foal names.

[color=blue]COLD FRONT
Frosted x Ch. Go For Broke - Ch. Moonopoly (B)
9.3h dark grey colt

Not 100% happy with his name, but he’s a handsome one.

2 Colts | 2 Fillies | 76 due (at least 1 overdue)

I like the names. :slight_smile:

I love Cold Front!

Laziest namings ever. 

NCh. LiveLong&Prosper x Ch. Lavender Monument - Created
10.0h strawberry roan filly

[color=red]BLAME THE MOON
Blame x Ch. Tothemoonandback - Created
10.0h dark bay filly

2 Colts | 4 Fillies | 74 due

I love the name Living Monument. :slight_smile:

WCh. Express Yourself (G) x Ch. Highland Maiden - ICh. Highland Pride (S)
9.3h bay filly

Somewhat obscure Harry Potter reference, since Hogwarts Express was taken.

[color=blue]SOLAS NA GEALAí
NCh. Celtic Star (B) x Moonlight Sonnet - Twin Oaks (B)
8.1h dark bay colt

Irish for ‘light of the moon’, aka moonlight.

3 Colts | 5 Fillies

Lovely foals!

Love the name Solas Na Gealai!

Me too!

[color=blue]IN MEMORIAM
NCh. Pay the Boatman x Ch. Rose Will Do - NCh. Those Will Do (B)
9.3h dark bay colt

1/2 brother to SW [color=blue]Lexicon.

4 Colts | 5 Fillies | 71 due

Love the name. :slight_smile:

[color=blue]Dream Thief
Bernardini x Ch. Mañanita (ICh. Gunningdownromance)
8.2h Dark Bay Colt

Name is totally unrelated to his parents, just pulled from one of my favorite book series.

5 Colts | 5 Fillies | 70 due

GCh. Zadar x Ch. Diamonora - Created
8.3h dark bay filly

[color=blue]CULPER RING
NCh. Lord Nelson x Silent Turn - Ch. Turn n’Burn (S)
8.1h bay colt

Named for a Revolutionary War spy network.  Dam is up for lease for $10k. 

1/2 brother to [color=red]Ch. Face The Music

6 Colts | 6 Fillies | 69 due

Lovely Nelson colt. :slight_smile:

I’m a little biased towards that Zadar filly. :wink: