Coleman Branch 2019 Foals

Had 5 new arrivals this morning, with a couple overdue.

[color=red]A Little Ambition
ICh. Almost Precious x Ch. Ambitious Kiss (GCh. Go For Dash)
8.0h Chestnut Filly

[color=blue]Court Martial
GCh. Major’s Flight x Meter Maid (Citation)
7.2h Chestnut Colt

Animal Kingdom x Mount St. Helens (ICh. Ring of Fire)
8.2h Dark Bay Colt

[color=blue]Green Lantern
NCh. Mr. Prospective x Blackest Night
8.3h Dark Bay Colt

[color=blue]Street Music
WCh. Drum Major x Ch. Kick It To Da Curb (GCh. Street Wise)
7.2h Flea-bitten Grey Colt

42 still due

Lovely set of babies. :slight_smile:

Apparently I’ve lost all creativity when it comes to naming.  Two more arrivals in the last two days.

[color=blue]Not Quite
ICh. Almost Precious x Catching Moonbeams
8.0h Dark Bay Colt

NCh. Mr. Prospective (S) x Ch. Highway (Cross Roads)
9.0h Dark Bay Colt

Not terribly enthused with all the colts, but they’re healthy, so I’ll take it!

40 foals due

Congrats on all the new kids! Hopefully your mares will deliver a bunch of fillies soon.

I like the names. :slight_smile: Hoping you get some fillies soon!

Congratulations on a nice healthy bunch of babies.

Thanks all!  Updating the list with the recent kids and so far, it’s still a colt year.

ICh. Almost Precious x Lullabye
9.0h Grey Colt

Mom has 3 winners from 3 racers to date, so hopefully this guy will follow suit.

[color=blue]Iron and Rue
ICh. Gilded Saint x Fairy War (Sadler’s Wells)
9.1h Black Colt

Bred to be a jumper…we’ll see!  His name is literally just two things supposedly hated by fairies. 

[color=blue]Last Letter Home
ICh. Long Live The King x Afterlife (False Promises)
8.0h Bay Colt

Born a little early, this guy is one of our most anticipated this season.  He’s 1/2 to NCh. Pay the Boatman and MSW Ch. Nighthawk.  Mom has 4 winners from 4 raced and her 3yo is stakes placed.  Now if she’ll just give us a filly from her date with Black Cherry…

ICh. Unabridged x Ch. Rose Will Do (NCh. Those Will Do)
9.3h Grey Colt

I love my Unabridged babies.  He’s mom’s first foal and I’m hoping he’ll be as versatile as his parents, surface-wise.

NCh. Aptitude x GCh. Moon Eclipse
10.0h Liver chestnut filly

Bred to be versatile.  Fingers crossed that she lives up to her potential.

[color=red]One Good Turn
GCh. One Lucky Soul x Silent Turn (Ch. Turn n’Burn)
8.2h Liver chestnut filly

[color=blue]That’s A Wrap
FFCh. TakeMeToHollywood x Ch. Jubilation (NCh. Gimme A Shot)
9.3h Bay Colt

Another sire I love, thanks to NCh. Taking Vegas’s stellar race career. 

[color=red]Twelve Bar blues
NCh. AndLikeThatHesGone x Folk Music
9.0h Grey Filly

Mom’s first foal is doing relatively well on dirt, but this girl is another potential 'chaser. 

NCh. Painted Raven x Essential Oils
9.1h Dark bay colt

Another SC-bred kid, though he’ll likely get a try on dirt at 2.  “Woad” is a plant that is used to make dyes.  Think of the blue war paint used in Braveheart or King Arthur. 

31 foals due; 1 10 days overdue

I’m loving your names so far this year!

Me too! Good luck with the Kermit colt.

Lovely foals, congratulations.

Love the names. Good luck with the LLK foal.

Four babies have arrived since the last update, three in the last two days:

NCh. Mr. Prospective x Exclusive Song (Affirmed)
10.1h Dark Bay filly

ICh. Unabridged x Ch. Daisy May Care (NCh. Devil May Care)
9.3h Brown Filly

First foal from MSP dam, and Unabridged has been quite good to me so far, so here’s hoping!

ICh. Long Live the King x Ch. Sunless Seattle (GCh.  Backseat Driver)
8.3h Dark Bay filly

MSW/MSP dam’s first foal runs this year.  Looking forward to seeing what she can produce.

[color=blue]Secret Chord
NCh. Hidden Destiny x Moonlight Sonnet (Twin Oaks)
8.3h Black colt

Hoping for a turf monster.  His name is a partial lyric from the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah”. 

26 foals due; 2-3 overdue

Lovely names - surprised they weren’t taken!

Also, Hallelujah is an awesome song.

Very nice bunch of fuzzes!

Lovely foals :slight_smile:

Updating the list:

NCh. Mr. Prospective x Ch. Highland Royalty (NCh. Highland Wizard)
9.0h Dark Bay colt

I know there’s already an Aristocrat in game, so if I need to change this one, I’m more than happy to do so…

GCh. Edinburgh x Ch. Jet Setting Jane
9.0h Dark Bay colt

NCh. Sunday Paper x ICh. Date With Destiny
9.2h Dark Bay colt

Probably won’t debut 'til age 3, but already can’t wait!

[color=red]Hot Prospect
NCh. Mr. Prospective x Ch. Hot Brown (GCh. Jazz It Up)
10.0h Dark Bay filly

Looks like the dark bays have it this season!

[color=red]Most Of All
NCh. National Post x Bonnie Kaikamahine (Crimson Lad)
8.3h Bay filly

Random cross, random name.

NCh. Joyeux Oiseau x Valhalla
8.3h Bay filly

Munin is the name of one of Odin’s ravens, from the Norse mythology.  Dam’s first runner hits the track this year.

GCh. One Lucky Soul x Leash
10.1h Chestnut colt

Dam has a stakes-winning 3yo, so here’s hoping the rest of her get (in our barn) follow suit.

ICh. Almost Precious x In Thy Name
10.1h Bay colt

1/2 sib to stud-qualified GCh. Holy Warrior. 

ICh. Almost Precious x ToMuchGlitz
10.0h Black filly

[color=blue]Tempus Fugit
GCh. Dixie Time x Staroftheshow II
9.1h Brown colt

1/2 sib to Ch. Galway Girl and MW/MP Casting Call.

[color=red]Widow’s Walk
Monarchos x Naval Romance (Romeo)
10.3h Dark Bay filly

A bit of an unknown, but hoping for the best!

16 still due, 1 mare nearly a month overdue.

Love the names. :slight_smile:

Given that The Aristocrat is a mare who’s 10 years older, I don’t mind the slight similarity in names.

Wow big foals there! I have always taken that as a good sign. :wink: Love the names too.

Nice lineup of babies and good names too.

The latest crew, from the last week:

[color=blue]Come Monday
NCh.  Hidden Destiny x Margaritaville (NCh. Seattle Sorcerer)
9.1h bay colt

Following the Jimmy Buffet theme with dam’s foals. 

[color=red]Dare To Try
NCh. Worthy Victor x Canyoutopthis
8.3h chestnut filly

1/2-sib to MSW NCh. Unprecedented and SW/SP Ch. Time Marches On.  Hopefully a turf monster like her siblings!

Animal Kingdom x Roses On Sunday (Sunday Silence)
9.0h liver chestnut colt

NCh. Von Lichtenstein x Ch. Queen of Stars (WCh. King David)
8.3h chestnut colt

I couldn’t resist a reference to A Knight’s Tale.  He was nearly a month overdue, but glad he arrived safely!

12 due; several overdue