Coleman Branch 2015 Foals

We had our first arrival on January 7th, a few days before she was due.  Both mom and baby are fine.  With one on the ground, we have 8 still due, which will be our biggest crop ever.

Tiznow x Strike Out West (Red Sunset)
Dark Grey w/lots of chrome
8.1h (so tiny!)

[color=red]1 filly | [color=blue]0 colts | 8 still due

Nice name  :slight_smile: Congrats ona healthy baby.

What a pretty filly!  I love the name.  :slight_smile:


Second healthy foal (despite being super early) of the year is:

[color=blue]Southern Cross
WCh. Double Cross x Slew the Night (NCh. Diplomat)
Black w/lots of chrome

I hope the stable by the same name doesn’t mind. :smiley:  The name just popped into my head while I was studying his pedigree.  It’s a cross that’s worked really well for me before, though I bought Slew the Night already in foal.  I’m thinking the Cross Roads x Seattle Slew line might be onto something?  (Two stakes placers, one on the rise in my own barn…)

[color=red]1 filly | [color=blue]1 colt | 7 still due

We’re so excited to announce the new addition to the foal barn!  She is:

[color=red]Casting Call (name may change)
NCh. Mr. Prospective x Star of the Show (created)
Dark bay w/a bit of white

She’s the first foal from our in-house stallion.  Can’t wait to see how she does!

[color=red]2 fillies | [color=blue]1 colt | 6 still due

Like the name :slight_smile:

Had one other born on 2/1 and one stillborn. 

[color=blue]Unsung Hero
NCh. Mr. Prospective x Quiet Silhouette (created)
Dark bay w/bald face, RH ermine

Quiet Silhouette was returned to her new owner at the end of her lease.

The stillborn was a colt from a Holy Bull x Roses on Sunday (Sunday Silence) cross.  Roses on Sunday has been sent back to Holy Bull for another try. 

[color=red]2 fillies | [color=blue]2 colts | 4 still due (one create) | 1 deceased

Love the name!

Good luck with the second Holy Bull breeding.

Your names are all pretty much amazing.  :slight_smile:
Sorry to hear about the stilbirth, though…  Best luck with the second attempt!

Thanks so much!  :slight_smile:

Even if the cross doesn’t work, I’m excited about it just for the legendary names, ha.

Had one of our more anticipated foals born early this morning.  He is:


Love the name! :slight_smile:

Yay for a pony with a Welsh name :slight_smile:

Had another filly, born yesterday.

ICh. Unabridged x Canyoutopthis (created)
Grey w/star, snip, LF ermine, RH ermine, LH sock

I was trying for a play on her parents’ names and ended up with a play on the fact that she’s the first live foal of both. 

[color=red]4 fillies | [color=blue]3 colts | 2 still due (+1 create) | [i]1 stillborn[/1]

Love the name. :slight_smile:

What a lovely little girl! I’m so happy to see Bridge’s first healthy baby. Good luck with her!