Clover Springs 2010 Breedings

I guess since I just posted the stallion listings for next year I might as well do the mare bookings as well, including internal and outside breedings. Subject to change if other mares are retired… it also looks like I forgot to breed Patriot Games so are we still running on automatic retiring years, or random now Shanthi?

Outside breedings:

Patriot Games to IRISH RIVER in February 1 spot
Foolish Question to KING DAVID in June 1 spot if possible
A Diamond Jewel to DEVIL MAY CARE in March 3 spot
Affirm It to PLANET HOLLYWOOD in May 1 spot
Swan’s Dream to JAZZ IT UP in April 1 spot if possible
Wind Dancer to BACKSEAT DRIVER in June 2 spot
Dark Princess to CRYSTAL RAINBOW in March 2 spot
Midnight Danger to WHAT’S DEBATABLE in June 2 spot
Dream Maker to MAGIC GLORY in February 2 spot
Sweet Dreams to STARZ ‘N’ STRIPES in May 1 spot
Highland Echo to NO DUPLICATE in June 2 spot
Ladylove to SEATTLE SLEW in May 1 spot, if I can
Miss Kitty II to ALLEY CAT in April 2 spot, if I can
Five Rings to TAKE ME TO HOLLYWOOD in March 3 spot
Charming Dance to RING OF FIRE in March 1 spot
Olympic Colors to SECRET OF LOVE in May 2 spot
Betting Girl to STARZEN in April 2 spot
Highland Grace to TAKE ME TO HOLLYWOOD in July 1 spot
Long Shot to WHAT’S IT WORTH in March 2 spot

Inside breedings:

Destiny Awaits to Foolhardy in May 1 spot
Rhapsody In Black to Foolhardy in July 1 spot
Whimsical Whirl to National Post in May 1 spot
Never High Enough to Foolhardy in June 2 spot
Secret Admirer to Foolhardy in the March 3 spot
Queen of Hearts to Void in Feb 2 spot
Kentucky Gold to Gimme A Shot in August 1 spot
Hollywood Darling to National Post in August 1 spot
Pandora to Void in March 1 spot
Dreamboat to Secretary in March 2 spot
Inconsistent Decision to Secretary in May 1 spot
Heartsong to Foolhardy in Mar 1 spot
She Whispers to Gimme A Shot in March 3 spot
Sacred Dancer to Gimme A Shot in April 1 spot
What’s Your Dream to Secretary in February 2 spot
Blue Light to Worth My While in April 1 spot

If these change, I will update :wink:


Starzen is excited to see Betting Girl and I’ve marked you into the April 2 spot.

Thanks for choosing him and MSF!!!


The breeding to “Jazz it up” for april 1 should be fine. Thanks foir chosing one of Edgewood Stud’s stallions