Clicker Lab 2023 Foals

Lovely Nelson colt. :slight_smile:

Long time without new foals! Sadly, one of them is stillborn.

Stillborn colt
NCh. Irish Gold (S) x Ch. Iyaiyai - Giant’s Causeway (S)

Iyaiyai will be bred to Al Mundhir.

GCh. Edinburgh (B) x Ch. Love Signal (S) - GCh. High On Love (S)
9.0h grey colt

1/2 brother to Ch. Luna Llena. Named after a famous Polish arabian stallion, champion in Poland and in the U.S. Love Signal will be bred to Edinburgh again.

13 Colts | 9 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

Sorry about your stillborn. :frowning:

Lovely Eddie colt.

Pretty new filly!

NCh. Bellagio (S) x WCh. Dreamboat (S) - Planet Hollywood (S)
8.2h dark bay filly

Full sister to Fibonacci (2019), a 2yo stakes winner.
1/2 sister to Ch. Fluttering Voltage, Ch. Mere Magic, Actors Guild, Say It Right.
Dreamboat has been retired, but we have two other foals from her, including 2yo colt Phyfe, who should start training soon.
Rapotynka is an old Polish name for Valerianella locusta - a small plant that is eaten as a leaf vegetable, and I’m growing it in a pot!

13 Colts | 10 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

Very pretty. :slight_smile: Good luck with your plant…I love the idea of growing my own herbs/veg but have a very black thumb.

Well, I love to experiment which sometimes kills plants… but I just start over! Since I have a little garden I couldn’t live without a piece of land! In fact, if I could I’d buy some land for gardening alone. Ideally, it would be large enough to keep some horses too :wink: but that’s not very possible… so I’ll be happy with a herd of earthworms :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve just been house hunting and I was sooo tempted by the ones with a few acres, but they had no internet access which we need to do or jobs. Maybe next house hunt… :wink: We are surrounded by a farm so we have bovine neighbors at least.

Curlin (B) x Ch. Yeman (B) - A.P. Indy (S)
9.2h bay colt

1/2 brother to Mymble.
He is named after a town in south east Poland, which is a popular tourist attraction, and used to be home to a large Jewish community. Notable people from Sanok are, for example, Zdzisław Beksiński - painter, photographer, sculptor, or Tadeusz Vetulani - agriculturalist and biologist who conducted notable research into forest tarpan and the Polish koniks, launching restoration and breeding schemes.
Yeman will be bred to NCh. Eighteen Karat.

14 Colts | 10 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

Time to report our new foal, born on May 17th…

NCh. Player (S) x Odyssey (G) - Black Legend (S)
9.1h dark bay colt

1/2 brother to ICh. Gal From Seattle. Trefl means clubs (black playing-card suit). Dam will have her next foal by NCh. Away The Lads.

15 Colts | 10 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

Great name.

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New foal!

NCh. Space Chips x Ch. All Too Divine - Created
9.1h grey colt

Named after a small brewery in Polish region Bieszczady, which is named after the constellation in the northern sky.

16 Colts | 10 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

Lovely foal.

There is an Ursa Major, so not sure if the two names are too close…

Thanks for spotting that…the names would be too close. Sorry @Hilda_with_Clicker

Thanks for noticing! I renamed him to Urok - it means charm, but also spell.


WCh. Express Yourself (G) x Ch. Shy Shy (B) - Created
8.2h dark bay colt

Named after famous arabian stallion, grandson of desert bred Kuhailan-Haifi, imported to Poland by Prince Roman Sanguszko in 1931. Witraż has sired many famous arabian horses, including Celebes which was sold in 1953 to the Swiss Circus Knie. Witraż also means stained glass.
Shy Shy will be bred to Crafty Magic.

17 Colts | 10 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

NCh. Last For More (B) x Nallaloe - WCh. Gotta Go (S)
8.3h bay filly

Warszawa is the capital of Poland, but also it was a Polish automobile manufactured from 1951 to 1973. The Warszawa was the first new-design Polish car built after the Second World War. Warszawas were popular as taxis because of their sturdiness and ruggedness. However, due to their weight they were underpowered and had high fuel consumption.
Nallaloe will be bred to Space Chips.

17 Colts | 11 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

NCh. Space Chips x Ch. The Nightingale (B) - Created
8.2h black colt

Zecer means typesetter… a bit random name considering his parents, but I’m sentimental about the word :wink:
The Nightingale will be bred to Al Mundhir.

18 Colts | 11 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

Lovely colt.

NCh. Von Lichtenstein (S) x Ch. Mauiluv (B) - Black Gold (B)
9.3h dark bay filly

This filly is 3x3 inbred to Resident Evil (Gold sire and Silver broodmare sire). Żaneta is a Polish female name, same as Jeanette or Janet. Mauiluv will not be bred until next year.
By the way, @Shanthi, the Hypothetical Mating page used to highlight repeated ancestors in bold; seems like it doesn’t do this anymore.

We’re still waiting for one more foal.

18 Colts | 12 Fillies | 3 Stillborn

NCh. Al Mundhir (B) x Ch. Nightingale Island - ICh. Ring of Fire (B)
9.1h bay colt

Last foal for the year, and last letter in Polish alphabet! Źrebak means foal. Nightingale Island will be bred to Space Chips.

19 Colts | 12 Fillies | 3 Stillborn