Clicker Lab 2021: NCh. Al Mundhir, NCh. Space Chips

[color=blue]NCh. Al Mundhir

  • Chestnut stallion, 16.1h
  • Graded stakes winner on dirt, turf and steeplechase, at age 3 to 5, no injuries
  • By Almost Home, Chef-de-Race (I), sire to GCh. Harvard Bound, ICh. Almost Precious, NCh. Almost A Star, NCh. My Stupid Girl, GCh. Jagged Stone, GCh. American Dance
  • Out of Gilded Sky, dam to NCh. Hidden Destiny
  • Nominated for the Breeders’ Cup
  • Live Foal Guarantee

[align=center]Al Mundhir’s bookings - stud fee: $5,000[/align]

Feb 1[color=red]NCh. EnyoClicker Lab

Feb 1[color=red]Sinful DelightSun Sail Stable

Feb 2[color=red]Ch. OpheliaClicker Lab

Feb 2[color=red]Slew O’Harmony Desert Wind Farm

Mar 1[color=red]Ch. Sugar ‘n’ Spice Clicker Lab

Mar 1[color=red]So She Sleeps Coleman Branch

Mar 2[color=red]Ch. Summer Romance Clicker Lab

Mar 2[color=red]Irish Beauty Gintara Lodge

Mar 3[color=red]Apple Pie Battle Hill Stables

Mar 3

Apr 1[color=red]Por Amor Al ArteClicker Lab

Apr 1[color=red]Crowned Stillwater Farms

Apr 2[color=red]SplashedWithFlair Stillwater Farms

Apr 2

May 1

May 1

May 2

May 2

June 1[color=red]WCh. Dreamboat Clicker Lab

June 1

June 2[color=red]Cool TrickWindward Farm

June 2

July 1[color=red]Ch. All Too DivineClicker Lab

July 1[color=red]Tobin BronzeBlack Storm West

July 2

July 2

Aug 1[color=red]Ch. The Nightingale Clicker Lab

Aug 1

Aug 2

Aug 2

[color=blue]NCh. Space Chips

  • Dark bay stallion, 16.2h
  • Dirt specialist, steeplechase winner, stakes winner at age 2 to 4
  • By WCh. Nightfight, gold ranked, sire to ICh. Fightin’ The Smoke, NCh. Nightwatchman, NCh. Fight The Twilight, ICh. Devil’s Walk, WCh. Sponsored
  • Out of Hey Toots, dam to Ch. Reveille, NCh. Call To War, Ch. Native Rhythm, Ch. Hey Good Lookin’
  • Nominated for the Breeders’ Cup
  • Live Foal Guarantee

[align=center]Space Chips bookings - stud fee: $5,000[/align]

Feb 1RC Bee

Feb 1[color=red]What’s My WorthWindward Farm

Feb 2[color=red]Ch. CrownetteClicker Lab

Feb 2[color=red]Decapitator Windward Farm

Mar 1[color=red]Ch. Opulent Clicker Lab

Mar 1[color=red]Romance N Honour Generous Bloodstock

Mar 2[color=red]GCh. The Woman In Black Clicker Lab

Mar 2[color=red]GCh. Embellished Clicker Lab

Mar 3[color=red]NCh. Unknown Soldier Starfish Stables

Mar 3[color=red]NCh. Valentine’s Day Starfish Stables

Apr 1[color=red]Brightest Light Stillwater Farms

Apr 1[color=red]Opera Diva Black Storm West

Apr 2[color=red]Impulse Drive Generous Bloodstock

Apr 2[color=red]Showmethemagic Stillwater Farms

May 1[color=red]Ch. Love Signal Clicker Lab

May 1[color=red]Cool Water Desert Wind Farm

May 2[color=red]Ch. Akasha Clicker Lab

May 2[color=red]Ch. IyaiyaiClicker Lab

June 1[color=red]GCh. Yeman Clicker Lab

June 1

June 2

June 2

July 1[color=red]Queen’s FoolWindward Farm

July 1

July 2

July 2

Aug 1

Aug 1

Aug 2

Aug 2

I’ll take early/late April bookings (1 each) for both of them please. :slight_smile:

Can I please get the two Mar 3 slots to Space Chips, mares to be determined later. Thanks.

Can I get an April 2 to Space Chips for Impulse Drive please and a March 1 for Romance N Honour?

Thank you!

Can I please have the last Apr 1 slot to Space Chips for Opera Diva?

All set! I see we all like the Nightfights :smiley:

Sorry, I meant 1 early April and 1 late April to both boys please. :slight_smile: (4 mares total)

Can I get one of the February slots for Space Chips? Doesn’t matter which one.

May I have feb1 & 2 to Space chips for What’s My Worth(1) & Decapitator(2)

Done! By the way, I’m not sure which is correct: “horse A is the sire/dam to horse B”, or “of horse B”? Could anyone explain? Thanks!

I think either works, but “of” is more correct.

Not a grammar nerd, but I view:
“Bob is the parent to Jim” as placing “parent” as a role, e.g. you could say “Bob is the neighbour to Jim”, or “Bob is the caretaker to Jim”
“Bob is the parent of Jim” as placing “parent” as a possession, e.g. you could reverse it to “Jim’s parent is Bob”

Thank you!

Could I get the last May spot, mare to be determined. Thanks

Updated (and added my new mares from the Select Auction).

May I get a July 1 spot to Space Chips for Queen’s Fool

Could I get Feb2 for Slew O’Harmony to Al Mundhir?

Also for my May1 booking to Space Chips I’d like to add Cool Water for that breeding.


Done. On my phone! I still refuse to travel with a laptop :smiley:

Can I have a July 1 spot to Al Mundhir for Tobin Bronze?

Sure, thanks for choosing him!

May I get a June 2 slot to Al Mundhir for Cool Trick