Clicker Lab 2019: NCh. Al Mundhir

[color=blue]NCh. Al Mundhir

  • Chestnut stallion, 16.1h
  • Graded stakes winner on dirt, turf and steeplechase, at age 3 to 5, no injuries
  • By Almost Home, Chef-de-Race (I), sire of GCh. Harvard Bound, ICh. Almost Precious, NCh. Almost A Star, NCh. My Stupid Girl, GCh. Jagged Stone, GCh. American Dance
  • Out of Gilded Sky, dam of NCh. Hidden Destiny
  • Nominated for the Breeders’ Cup
  • Live Foal Guarantee
  • Located 30 Miles From Belmont

[align=center]Al Mundhir’s bookings - stud fee: $5,000[/align]

Feb 1[color=red]Fleet HopeRC Bee

Feb 1[color=red]HermelindaClicker Lab

Feb 2[color=red]Easy Union Clicker Lab

Feb 2[color=red]Cosmic Dreams Four Aces Stables

Mar 1[color=red]Adriatic Swan Clicker Lab

Mar 1[color=red]PricelessStillwater Farms

Mar 2[color=red]NCh. Queen Clicker Lab

Mar 2[color=red]Greek GoddessEaster Valley Estate

Mar 3[color=red]Ch. Sugar ‘n’ Spice Clicker Lab

Mar 3[color=red]Al ThuraiyehStarfish Stables

Apr 1[color=red]Ch. Ayi Clicker Lab

Apr 1[color=red]Por Amor Al Arte Clicker Lab

Apr 2[color=red]Ch. Udaivilas Clicker Lab

Apr 2[color=red]GCh. The Woman In Black Clicker Lab

May 1[color=red]Ch. Restless Heart Clicker Lab

May 1[color=red]AnkhesenamunKona Star Ranch

May 2[color=red]Day at the DockThoroughbredRacing

May 2[color=red]Bedroom EyesEmpire Racing

June 1[color=red]Smilin’ IrishStillwater Farms

June 1[color=red]TamoniaHidden Oak Farm

June 2[color=red]Shining DiamondRainee Thoroughbreds

June 2[color=red]Dancer’s FortuneWildOracle Farm

July 1[color=red]SpindletopWildOracle Farm

July 1[color=red]Mission BellRainee Thoroughbreds

July 2

July 2[color=red]Ch. All Too DivineClicker Lab

Aug 1[color=red]Ch. The NightingaleClicker Lab

Aug 1[color=red]Pinoit Clicker Lab

Aug 2[color=red]Ch. Shy Shy Clicker Lab

Aug 2[color=red]Ch. In TruthClicker Lab

I know it’s early… but I arranged my mares even earlier :wink: and Al is the first stud at Clicker Lab. He still has some races to run this year, including Breeders’ Cup probably. But next year he will be retired to stud.
I got fancy with the images :smiley: I used the ones that I created for the Beta FF.

Oh wow Hilda love the face picture! Is there any chance I could see the baldy face? I’m dying to know, if I could have baldy-face stable I would!

I love baldys too!

Love the graphics Hilda :slight_smile:

I’ll have a mare or two to send to him, but I’m waiting until breeding season ends :stuck_out_tongue: before I plan anything else.

Good idea :smiley: I just couldn’t resist!

Sure, I’ll post one later! Also, one is in my profile picture :wink: I think it’s brown horse.

So this would be [color=red]Faichan Kangri, my created yearling filly :slight_smile: of course the bald face would be visible in the body picture… and also some smaller markings on mare’s picture which has the head slightly tilted to the left…

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh :slight_smile:

OH Love the graphics! Could I get a Feb 2 for my new girl Cosmic Dreams? If it’s not to much to ask, could I see how a grey would look?

You can see the graphics in the beta. :wink: If we could leave the graphics out of this thread, that would be great (feel free to start another one that isn’t about advertising a stud).

Yes and indeed you can see all colours in the beta :wink: I especially like blue and strawberry roans.

Hi Hilda.

Can I get the June 1b spot for Showstopper II please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure :slight_smile: thanks!

Hi Hilda,

Can I please get Al’s last March 3 slot for Al Thuraiyeh, please?



Sure. His lease ends on 01/19/19 and then he will be retired to stud.

Can I snag a Feb 1 spot to him for Fleet Hope, please?

Sure, thanks for choosing him!

Can I grab his Mar 1 spot for Three of Crowns? Hoping she foals on time. :slight_smile:

Yay! Al will be happy to see all these ladies when he arrives home finally.

I retired Al Mundhir today, he’s now nominated for the Breeders’ Cup, and his bookings are arranged. His March 2 is now free, because Easy Union foaled early.