This is my first time trying to claim anything, and I found a horse I want to claim, but there aren’t any claim buttons. Am I too late to claim or is there something wrong? Im just checking?

If it’s a horse owned by FF, they’re not eligible to be claimed on the last day before races (which is when they’re usually entered).  Otherwise, just make sure you can afford the claim, and are logged in, and the button should be there.


Is there a way to allow us to claim more than one horse on a race day, especially on days when there are 7 or 8 Claiming races? Obviously, on a day when there are only one or two Claiming races, then we should only be allowed to make one claim. I don’t know if the One Claim Per Day limit is a programmable “feature” but maybe you could do it where we get one claim for every five Claiming races.