Claiming Race

I was trying to enter Harada’s Smoke into Race #5 on 8/13. I get a message stating “Harada’s Smoke may be entered in a claiming race after 2 more races, or in 161 Days”. I have ran him twice since I purchased him. Does this fall under the category of can’t sell until 3 starts? Thanks for any response.

It means that you have to run him in an allowance or stakes race before he can be entered in a claiming.

Yes, claiming races fall under the 3 race rule. because he migh be purchased in a claiming race, He must have raced 3 times before you can enter him into one.


I have entered him in 2 allowances since I have bought him, so I don’t think that’s it. Seems it has to do with the 3 race rule before selling. Although, it says I need to race him 2 more times and I’ve raced him twice already. Thanks for the help guys.

The code isn’t infallible, it could be calculating something wrong or a number of other things. But the short answer is you do have to run a horse 3 times before it’s able to be entered in a claiming race. If after you’ve run it three times it still won’t let you enter him in a claimer, then Shanthi or I’ll look at the code.

Thanks Andrea. If I decide to put him in a claimer after his next race and it is still an issue, I’ll let you know. Thanks for all the responses.