✅ Claiming Race Qualifications?

I’m wondering if horses have to meet certain criteria to be entered into claiming races. I have a 6yo chaser gelding I’m trying to enter into a claiming race but he doesn’t show up on my list of horses I can enter. He is a maiden and never ran for a tag.

The race in question is on Jan 19/2023 Race #36 at Aqueduct, 8F Steeplechase for 3yo+ Tag is (15,000). My gelding is already at the track and been training for a few days.

The gelding in question:

Lieutenant Dan

Is he unqualified to enter or is this a bug in the system? Thank you for any advice!

You need to be able to sell the horse in order to enter in claiming races. This generally means you’ve owned him for at least 6 months, or raced him 3 times since purchasing him.

I totally just entered Giggling Oyster in a claimer on 01/16 and I purchased her December 14. I thought it was odd but went with it, lol.

Yeah, it’s a known bug.

The gelding in question is one of my original horses I got when I signed up (Aug2022) . He’s definitely raced more than 3 times since then which is why I’m finding this odd?

Possibly related to the same issue where @Shelbie can sell a horse she shouldn’t be able to.

okay, will just keep in training until another chaser race comes available at aqueduct

I think this is fixed now.