Claiming and Purchasing Horses


Are we allowed to claim and buy or sell horses for our Color War stables? I noticed that Soylent Green claimed a horse recently, Major Smackers, and wondered if we were allowed to do so.

BTW - According to the Color War Standings page, the races the horse had run in before they claimed it have been included in their score (they actually lost 5 CW points overall).

No, you’re not. I’ll fix that when I get a chance.

I didn’t know that it’s not allowed :frowning: one day I went to see some info about Color War Points, and in this topic:  Info on CW Racing I’ve read: “Each team gets assigned horses (every team currently has 6, they may lose/gain horses as the year goes by).”. The team stable couldn’t buy a horse but the claiming button was there, so I thought that this is how we can gain more horses eventually, and the team stable won the claimer.

No, in some years horses got given out over the course of the year, rather than all at once. And I think one year the horses changed hands from team to team.

Yeah I think they got shuffled because my team lost a nice runner that season

I hope Soylent Green members won’t be penalized… the claims race wasn’t something we ever voted on.

No, the points from the extra horse just won’t be counted, and I’ll snag him back for FF use. I think the captains got informed about the claiming rules, but probably not this year as it’s been a bit crazy.

When I spotted that they had Claimed a horse, I inquired about it  because, if we were allowed to Claim horses, I would have asked my teammates to vote on horses to Claim, if we could afford it.

I can see why CW teams aren’t allowed to buy or sell horses, because the team captain could potentially put one of their rubbish horses (non-CW) up for sale and then buy it for his/her CW team, or, if their CW team had a horse that was doing well, the Captain could put it up for sale and then buy it for his/her actual stable. The other members of their team would probably protest these transactions, if they noticed, but, as we have just seen with the Claiming of Major Smackers (which was done in all good faith by Soylent’s Captain), it might not have been noticed.

As for Soylent being penalized for this, on the contrary. Major Smackers had an overall score of -5 CW points, which had been included in their total, even though those points were for races run before they Claimed him, so they will actually be 5 points better off.

I got that. My comment was directed at Shanthi.

Well, sorry about that claim. Actually, what I wanted to check on that day was if we lose points for not entering a horse in a race which was voted “eligible for entry” by the team.

You do, but only if you don’t enter at all for the month (if the horse isn’t injured). If you just enter in a different race instead, there’s no penalty.


Speaking on behalf of the Ghostriders: we have a total of 7 members, and the “eligible for entry” only appears once 5 or more have voted on a race.  Wouldn’t 4 be 50%+, i.e. a majority?  We’ve been having trouble getting all 5 votes lately.

Also, the other captain hasn’t even logged into FF since April 3rd, so our REAL team number ought to be 6.  I hate not getting ponies into races when 4 of us are actively submitting, voting, and able to enter the ponies into races.

Is this a glitch? Is there anything we can do?