Claimers Entered

Alright, as my birthday present to FF, I went through and generated random horses to fill Saturday’s claiming races. All horses are totally and utterly randomly generated, so the names in their pedigree mean nothing.

Now, if people can manage to be happy about this and not whine/annoy Shanthi, I’ll do this more often. If anyone whines/complains about not getting one, however, I won’t be doing this again any time in the next 6 months.

(Note: They’re all entered.)

Andrea, I love the names! I’ma Broke Kitty! That one tickles me pink…

Did you come up with them, or were these the ones that were submitted to the database?

These were from names/pedigrees submitted by members.

(And I’m glad someone likes I’ma Broke Kitty, because Andrea and I thought it was a pretty crappy name :wink:)

Thank you very much! If I understand this right, you are saying that you put in the claim and take your chances. I can live with that! Are these horses going to be breedable when the racing for them ends? I like the randomness of establishing new breeding lines etc. It would be just like the infancy of racing horses. To cool!
And I like I’ma Broke Kitty too!


That is so totally awesome. Thanks for giving us such a great present on your birthday. :smiley: Now I just have to figure out which one I want to try for. :smiley:

And yes, Myles, these will be like any other horse in the game…you can race it and breed it when its career is over (provided it meets the various qualifications).

Thank you very much.

Andrea! You Rock Girl!! and thnxs so much for your Birthday Present to us…

This is definately super awesome, thank you Andrea!

Just curious… why don’t any of these FF claimers have GOTs?

None of the randomly generated horses gets GOTs, because GOTs will be phased out once the race revamp goes into effect.

WooHoo this is awesome. Too bad Rachel really is a broke kitty (lol) but I hope you can do it again soon.

Let’s just get through this one first, shall we?

I can guarantee that if people start taking this type of thing for granted, it’ll get nixed faster than you can blink.

Thanks for the birthday present Andrea. :smiley: :smiley:

Of course Shanthi, I think this is a great opportunity, dont get me wrong. :smiley:

That’s amazing… Ima Broke Kitty… I don’t think I’m the one responsible for that am I? I remember creating one filly, and laughing hysterically over the name I gave her… but… eh… FF’s Gods only know…:stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I deleted the entry so no clue who’s responsible :wink:. I need to start having it tell me so those of you submitting truly horrible (or awesome) names can be punished (or rewarded) as appropriate :wink:

Ah what an awesome gift! I probably shouldn’t claim, but I’m a mare hoarder :lol:

u and me both…