choosing a horse

I am new and i am thinking of buying a horse a two year old her sire is Tiznow and her dam is Millies Quest
But i don’t know if she is any good i don’t want to waste my money.

Well, it’s always hard to tell with 2 year olds. :slight_smile:

I don’t find her dam anywhere, so I’m assuming she’s a created horse. If that’s the case, then you’re definitely taking your chances on a random horse. I would say, look at your bank account, and if you are comfortable with the chunk that her sales price would take out of that, then go for it. I think it all depends on just how much you like the looks of her.

I defenatly like her shes been on the board. i have also found a three year old by him i like as well.

Both Tiznow foals you are looking at are creates, meaning they have generated pedigrees that are in no way related to the horses listed in their pedigree.

Tiznow was later added to the game as a real sire, his oldest foals are now yearlings so those horses listed as having him as a sire but are actually created have no relation to him or any of the foals actually sired by him in the game.

Hope that made sense. :wink:

Is it worth it to buy a create or should i wait.

A nice created horse is just as good as a nice horse with in-game lines, but with the in-game horse you have a better idea of what the horse might be like in the future, and in-game mares probably have more value as their bloodlines are proven (or not :wink:.

On the other hand, sometimes I like created mares better because I know I can breed her to whoever I want.  I’d love to have a created lines stallion make it to stud at some point (well, other than my old guys who never raced in this incarnation) because again, I could cross them with anything.  However, I think a created stud (or mare) will have to do more to have the foals be worth the same because people aren’t going to pay as much for questionable foals/runners who aren’t even related to talented horses.

Since I doubt you’re looking so far ahead as breeding finances though, I’d say for racing purposes created is fine.  If the horse you’re looking at is hitting the board a comfortable percentage of the time or you see something that can be tweaked to increase the money earned by the horse, the go for it.  With a 2yo, I’d look at height (even for created horses).  If the horse has placed once in 10 races and is 16.2h+ I’d be more wary that it’s already mature than a horse who’s placed once in 10 races and is currently 15 or 15.1 (since that horse has more room to grow and therefore may not be physically mature yet).

If you have the money don’t be afraid to buy a created horse. My first Grade I winner is a created horse that I found in a claiming race, for instance.

And if you can really afford it, don’t be afraid to go for horses with “established” pedigrees. Sometimes they’ll be found running in claiming races. I go for the fillies, though.

I also have a gelding by Najinsky named Moscow Theater. I claimed him off of a race because i thought I could fix him up.
Hes a horse with turf lines who was being raced on dirt. I put him on the turf and he still has not done anything.
I am thinking maybe he is just a lousy horse but because he is a gelding if I retire him he really won’t be of any use. I just don’t know what to do with him.

Created horses are completely random.  That means you can’t judge them based on whatever real life relatives they have.  If they have in-game relatives, fine, use those in-game horses to figure out what to do with the horse.  But if it’s a created horse, even if it has Curlin as a sire and Ruffian as a dam, you can’t expect it to go win the Derby. :wink:  So don’t rule out dirt just because he’s “supposed” to run on grass based on his non-in-game pedigree.

Just pretended FF-generated horses have extremely pretentious, wannabe pedigrees and treat them as the unique (and unpredictable) individuals that they are. One of my created horses has a real-life pedigree (he’s a sibling to Fly Now) but he has a way worse race record and according to some people runs nothing like his “full brother”.

Well, about the created Tiznow horses i was interested in. I just won the two year old one at auction. I am really happy with her.
She has room to grow.