Charged Multiple Times for Lease

Description of Issue

I leased Three of Twelve from Denoux Stud from 01/10/24 to 01/10/25. Today I was going through and looking at my stable budget and realized I got charged multiple times for the lease. It looks like some of the descriptions also list a different lease date? I’m pretty sure I only clicked the lease button once so I’m not sure what happened here.

Steps to Reproduce

Here is a screenshot of my lease page listing the lease dates:

Here are the charges listed under my stable budget:

Ive been meaning to post something about this lease because it kept telling me you wanted to cancel the lease? and on her page it doesnt say she’s leased by you so not sure what was going on with it lol

Yeah, that’s weird. I definitely never tried to cancel it and I already bred her.

It also still lists her under my notifications saying she has not be bred yet but she shows as bred on her page.