Challenge #2: Secrets Game

This won’t be starting until I get the code finished to support it, but feel free to start thinking up a secret about yourself now.

Secrets must be:

  1. PG-rated
  2. something you haven’t already disclosed on the forum/with other members
  3. not told to anyone in the game.

Do not post your secret on the forum, e-mail it to your teammates, PM someone about it, etc.  Only you (and I, when I approve them) should know what your secret is, until it is guessed.

A good example of a secret might be…
I snore, and on family trips as a kid, would sometimes be forced to sleep in the bathroom/bathtub so that everyone else could sleep.

(This is true, only my family knows this, it’s G-rated, and I’ve never said anything about it to anyone in FF.)


The Game
The Secrets Game will work as follows…every so often (possibly every day, probably more like 2-3 times/week), someone will be chosen to guess a secret.  So on Monday, it’s Joe’s turn to guess.  Joe has until Tuesday at midnight to make his guess.  Joe guesses that Susan is the one who submitted the secret.  If Susan did submit the secret, Joe gets some points (we’ll say 5, though these point numbers may change) for guessing correctly.  If Susan did not submit the secret, Joe still gets some points for guessing on time (we’ll say 2 points).  Either way, on Wednesday morning it’s someone else’s turn to guess.  If the secret wasn’t guessed correctly, it’s still up for guessing, and anyone but the secret submitter (because that wouldn’t be fair) will get a turn (in rotation) to guess the secret.  If the secret was guessed, a new secret is up for guessing on Wednesday with a new guesser.

So, to sum:

  • No guess attempted during the time period: 0 points
  • Incorrect guess made: 2 points
  • Correct guess: 5 points

All of this should be automated, once I get a chance to finish it up. :slight_smile:  All secrets will be screened/approved by me before the game begins.

So for now, feel free to think up a fun/unusual factoid about yourself that you wouldn’t mind all of FF knowing about.  Try not to make it too long-winded, but also somewhat interesting.  (“I have brown hair” is a rather boring secret.)

Was this going to happen?

Not at the moment, no.

So this game is going to happen…I assume I just pm someone from my Color War team?

This will NOT happen until Shanthi gives us the okay, and from the looks of it she won’t have time to do it for a while, if at all.  And if I remember correctly the only person that was to know about your “secret” is Shanthi and you would PM her when she asks for them

I apologize if this sounds a little blunt but Shanthi already said, "

.", when asked "