CDS 2010 Breedings

Bold Lady (Bold Ruler X Secret Summer) X What’s It Worth - Aug 2

Heiress (War Admiral X Lady In Residence) X Magic Glory - may 1

*Hollywood Mystery (Planet Hollywood X Grey Willow) X *Nightfight-July 1

Bold n’ Gold (Bold Ruler X Dance At Dawn) XHighland Bandit June 2

Crimson Blosson (Crimson Leader X Spring Blossom)XSecret Of Love-Aug 2

Dark Lady (Dark Knight X Lady Temperence) X The Black - Aug 1

Eclipse This (Sun ‘n’ Moon X Bright Eclipse) X Go For Dash - July 1

Golden Princess (All That Glitters X Pink Princess) X Nightfight-may 1

Lucky Princess (Lucky Cigar X Pink Princess) X Alley Cat - June 2

Jettison (Bright Fires X Jet Set Go) X Highland Bandit - March 2

Lucky Strikes (Five Card Stud X Counterstrike) X *Nightfight- May2

Morning Star (Morning Devotion X Shooting Star)X Secret Of Love -March 1

Point Blank (Point Given X Ifyoucouldseemenow)XPlanet Hollywood-March 1

Wicked Thoughts (Wicked n’ Wild X Kind Thoughts) X Highland Laird - June 2

Ebony Fires (Times Ebony X Bright Fires) X The Black - March 1

Alaskan Wildcat (Gilded Time X Dark Heat) X Take Me To Hollywood - May 2

Indy’s Lady X King David - March 1

Countdowntoliftoff X Secret Of Love - April 2

Runaround X Foolhardy - April 2

Winning Class X Nightfight - June 2

All of the Nightfight bookings are

tentitive because i’m not sure if he will be retired next year, but he will definatly not

retire till after Dubai. :wink:

a “*” indicates that he horse may not be retired.

changes have been


Golden Princess X Nightfight - May 1

Eclipse This X

Go For Dash - July 1

Updated Bold Lady above. :slight_smile:

Alright guys I went back over

these breedings and everything looks like they will work. If a stud needs comfirmation

please take a look. Thank you guys!!! :smiley:

Ebony Fires booking has been applied above. :slight_smile:

Alaskan Wildcat’s booking is applied above. :slight_smile:

Alaskan Wildcat X Take Me To Hollywood - May 1

Yay, she’s coming back for a date with her buddy. :slight_smile: May 1 should work fine.

Yay I thought it would be a nice reunioun…hopefully they’ll pass all those good feelings on to their pretty foal… :smiley: