Can't wait

My sister has been playing this game for a little awhile (She’s Erica of Red Fern Stables) and told me I should try it.  It looks really cool, and quite realistic so I’m really excited to jump right in.  Looking forward to racing along with you all.  A bit about me : My name is Alex if you didn’t guess and my thing is baseball(watch it and play it).  My sis and I are both red sox fans, but animals are another thing we love.  So just baseball, friends, and my pets.  Can’t wait to start getting into this :slight_smile:

You’re gonna love it bro :slight_smile:

Welcome! I hope you get your stable set up very soon. :slight_smile:

Welcome and good luck!

Very soon indeed, I’m already all set up :slight_smile:  Thanks for the welcome, hopefully I don’t totally bomb my first few races.

Welcome to the game! :slight_smile: