Can't Ship Horse, No Location Listed

I am having problems breeding Ulterior Motive because I can’t ship her anywhere. Her current location is listed as “-”, and I get a blank page when I click on the “Ship Horse!” button.

I am having the same issue with Sun Dancer. She is stuck at Rolling Meadows Farm, and there is no option under the ship horse drop down.

I’m having this same thing with my 2yo Amerigo Vespucci. It shows he’s at my farm however I’m not able to ship him anywhere… nothing in the drop down for shipping and also he has workouts showing up on his page :thinking:

I’m not complaining about him wanting to get started early lol but def a bug

@Shanthi I’m still having this problem with these two mares. I have a feeling it’s related to when the old accounts were deactivated and horses were transferred to FF. The location on their pages is listed as “Rolling Meadows Farm ()”.

@Shanthi I’m still having this issue with my 2 yr old. I tried to auto enter him into a race and see if that would ship him but I got a stable alert that he wasn’t entered into a race due to not being at the track and his shipping locations are still blank not allowing me to send him anywhere. BUT his workouts are still somehow running :thinking: