Can't login to stable

Just rejoined and I can get on the forum but can’t login to my stable. Says to post here if possible.

Thanks in advance

Welcome back, Brenda! You should be able to log in now. (You may need to log out and back in for it to refresh your info fully.)

Where do I go to login? Only the forum shows up, doesn’t give me a place to login for Stable. Thanks!!

The Stable link in the forum menu should work, or you can go here directly:


That’s the screen i keep getting, even after logging off then back on

I think it should work now - somehow your new stable record went missing so it was trying to load an older stable for you. (Let me know if you want a different stable name.)

Hey there, experiencing same issue. Rejoining, been some time. Can I be unlocked/updated?

I had forgotten there is a Starfish Stables here - is it possible to change my stable name as well to Backcheck Farms?

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