✅ Can't get to my stable?

I can log on to the forum, but when I click “Stable”, it brings me back to the forum. I’ve cleared my cookies, deleted all saved passwords, etc. with no luck. I’ve tried in IE and Firefox. I can click links from foal threads on the forum, but not navigate anywhere else. Whether I try finalfurlong.org, www.finalfurlong.org, or go through the discourse.finalfurlong.org, I go straight to the forum - which I think is what’s supposed to happen - but beyond that, I’m stuck. Seems to work okay on my phone, randomly, though I have Chrome there.

Does it work if you logout first via https://www.finalfurlong.org/logout.php?

I’ve got exactly the same problem and it doesn’t work from the logout page either

Logging in should work now, though it will require clicking Login twice. (You may have to visit the logout page first to reset things.)

I’ll debug later to figure out why just displaying the second Login link isn’t playing nice.

Still can’t get in

If you visit:

and then

Do you stay logged in?

Won’t log into the game

What happens? Do you get an error? What page do you see?

Blank screen with login in top left of screen

Then goes to a blank screen after clicking on log in twice

I finally got home from work and have a chance to try things. Clicking the “Stable” link just look me to a blank white page with the “login” link, which worked just fine. I’m also able to log into the forum normally.

Sorry, my “click Login twice” comment was assuming you’d be first clicking the Login link in the main navigation. Then you click the Login link on the white page.

OK, so, can you try…

  1. log out of the forum directly (https://discourse.finalfurlong.org -> your user icon in the top right -> Log Out is listed at the bottom of the popup menu)

  2. also go to https://www.finalfurlong.org/logout.php

  3. then log back in to the forum (https://discourse.finalfurlong.org/login)

  4. then visit https://www.finalfurlong.org/stableoverview.php (which should take you to the white page with Login on it)

  5. then click Login once (this should leave you logged in on the forum + the game, :crossed_fingers:)

Hi Shanthi,

Just followed those steps but after step 4 I’m left on the blank page with login in top left
Only thought I had was my password for the new forum is different to my game one???


That shouldn’t matter, the whole point is that when you log in to the new forum the game should treat you as if you’re logged in.

Are you still logged in on the old forum? (https://www.finalfurlong.org/forum/index.php?action=unread)

(If so, it might be worth changing your password on the old forum to match the new one, though like I said it shouldn’t actually care about whether they match.)

I’ve done that and still the same

Just to clarify, this means you always get referred to this page even after you click Login (on the white page)?


visit your stable page
redirect to white Login page
login to forum
end up back on white Login page

Am I following correctly?

Yes that’s it

I think this is fixed! :tada: Turns out your username didn’t match, so it couldn’t find your game account to link to.

Let me know how you get on. :slight_smile:

You’ve fixed it :+1: I’m back in the game lol

Thank you

OK, I think everything is OK now.

The white page with the Login link on it shouldn’t be needed.

You should be able to log in to the forum and then immediately use the Stable link in the top nav to get to your stable.

:crossed_fingers: it all behaves now