Can't find the BC foal nomination page

I can’t seem to find the link to nominate foals for the BC? I think my whole 2025 foal crop.

To nominate yearlings and older horses, it’s the BC Nominations link. If you want the cheapest options, you need to nominate as weanlings and you can find that under the Race Nominations heading. Your 2025 crop will be quite expensive to nominate now they are yearlings.

I have tried to find that nomination page. Just sends me to the supplement race nomination. I spent a lot of time trying to find it. Also my farm page has been broke for a year. Still shows all the horses that passed\last year. Has the last time I logged in as April 19, 2025

Your stable had 3 horses race on April 21, 2025.

Your stable successfully claimed Philogrobolized for $30,000

Space Bird was claimed by Tall Oaks Estate from you for $20,000

Born Yesterday was claimed by Krajina from you for $15,000

5 horses(s) are available to claim on 2026-01-05

14 horses(s) are available to claim on 2026-01-08

Your stable has 8 horses entered to race on January 5, 2026.

Your stable has 7 horses entered to race on January 8, 2026.

Infamia has died.

Unnamed (Crafty Magic x Tomorrow’s Eden) has died.

Unnamed (Ducati x Holy Matrimony) has died.

Unnamed (Sunday Paper x Lady Pirate) has died.

Your stable has 53 new foals! (Forum post format)
all but 5 of those are from 2025

Sorry for the copy and paste I don’t know how to post a print screen on here or where to find the it in my computer. (I’m totally lost when it comes to this stuff)

Breeders’ Cup nominations:

Re: your stable overview, try logging out and/or clearing your cookies, and logging back in.