Can't enter races?

I am trying to enter race #34 on Jan 13th and it says I do not have eligible horses.

I have 2 older horses, Harry Potter and Salute the Colors.  They are listed as being in Australia.

It is a claiming $5000 w/ no conditions.

Sorry for the hassle.

Make sure that you are able to sell the horses…because a claiming race basically puts the horse up for sale to anyone, horses must be eligible for sale to enter the race.

I just got them in the newbie sale.  Can they go in a claiming race?  or do I have to wait 3 races?

Sorry to bug you!!  There is just so many different things to remember.


Horses must be “used” 3 times (3 races, in this case) or be kept for 6 months before they can be sold or entered into claiming races.  (You can check on this by clicking the Edit button on their page, which will display when they can be sold.)

Feel free to enter non-claiming races with them, though.

I don’t know how many people are having this problem, But I don’t seem to be able to place any horses except for 2 into any races. I am trying to nominate for races on the 17th, so I know I have plenty of time and money to get them to where I want to be (Aquduct) but I keep being told that I have no eligable horses to enter.

Also, I had I Will Survive sitting at Arlington. When I tried to ship him to Aqueduct, I wasn’t getting that option. I now have to send him to Woodbine and then try to send him back to Aqueduct.

I don’t want to be any trouble, but I have a stable of horses who can’t run. The only 2 that seem to able to be entered is Star of Bertram and Lachlan River.



Thanks so much Shanthi

i am having the same problem with entering horses, any ideas anyone?