✅ Can't create an auction

I wanted to create an auction, and got a message “Auction was successfully saved. Click here to select horses to sell.”, but then there was empty table saying “No Auctions Currently Planned”, and auction wasn’t created.

I just attempted the same with the exact same results. If it matters, I created it with a start date of Feb 1st - does it not like us to pick a month other than the current one?

Nope - it was an error in the database command. (The server rescue upgraded the database version which made a bunch of things break :roll_eyes: Something that should have been done at some point, but not exactly how I would have gone about it…)

I just tried to set up an auction and after asking me to confirm the details, it said I hadn’t set up an auction. Any progress with this issue yet?

(Just a side note - if I haven’t posted saying something is fixed, or given an update on its state, then there’s no progress. I like ticking things off as completed so when I do fix stuff, I’m loud about it. :wink: )


OK, now auction creation should work. :+1:

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